Summer in Copenhagen and the mystery of time

At work at Strøm festival, picture by Charlene Winfred.

I am caught in the light at work at Strøm festival, picture by Charlene Winfred.

Even for an experienced time-traveler this summer in Copenhagen was a strange event in the space time continuum. Seems like summer began only yesterday but I have been in Copenhagen for 3 months and Charlene arrived two months ago. After a nice start to July, a hundred things since then tore me in a hundred directions and here we are, packing up and leaving Copenhagen again. Time does not seem to care about all the best intentions in the world, sometimes I feel in control and at other times it is like a wild ride and you just hang on, only at the end to look up and ask “what happened?”. Naturally, pretending to be a time-lord I get mad at myself and the universe for not allowing me to be being the master of time and all things when they don’t exactly go as planned (what does really?).

Unforseen negative things and people were allowed to steal too much energy. And somehow over the past month I have also managed to bruise my ribs, tear a muscle in my chest, get the flu and get every muscle and nerve stuck in my neck and left shoulder. This time-traveler is getting a bit old. Not something I am used to, being less than 100%, and I do not handle it all that well.

Fortunately, magic continues to happen and I am the luckiest time traveler in the world as Charlene puts up with me and even finds me funny when I am grumpy. We have done some fantastic work that I am proud of at our company Coffee and Magic which grows in awesomeness every day. This company and our work is extremely important to me, it is proving a very special thing. This summer we even created wicked new sites for me and for Charlene as well. I really look forward to showing you the websites we have coming up. Imagine that, I like working with IT again.

Ah well, enough of the grumpyness and letting out steam. The TARDIS is now ready for our upcoming US Mad and Magic road trip and many very positive things happened in Copenhagen. Met great friends, made new friends, worked some great events working for great people and some of the nicest memories are of two trips to Jylland where Charlene got to meet most of my family. I have a million things to be happy and thankful for, life is weird and dark and bright and wonderful.

“I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.” – Doctor Who

Charlene caught in the light at Hipster Bridge in Copenhagen

Number one thing to be thankful for: Charlene (caught in the light at Hipster Bridge in Copenhagen)


Questlove and Lord Finesse in a perfect moment


Sometimes I make an image that for me sums up a whole concert in one picture. This is captured at VEGA the same night I shot these portraits of Questlove and DJ Rafik. On stage is Questlove behind the decks, Lord Finesse on the mike and members of the Wu-Tang Clan hovering around. Questlove played a two hour blinding set, some of the best music I have heard in a long time. The room was hot and packed. The audience were loving every beat. The light and sound was outstanding. The stage was filled with incredible characters. The moment was perfect.

DJ Rafik – Magician at work

DJ Rafik

DJ Rafik

A week ago I had the pleasure of shooting DJ Rafik for the second time this year. I first shot him at the Red Bull Distortion street party and was highly impressed by his set, but clearly I had seen and heard nothing yet. Rafik is a 6 time World DJ champion and at the Red Bull Music Academy Vanguard festival afterparty there was room on stage for his gear and epic skills as a turntablist, musician and producer. We all stood around mesmerized by the impossibly fast yet seemingly effortless mixing, scratching, cutting and editing. The beats were groovy, the performance was jaw-dropping. At times it appears the hands were moving faster than the eye can follow as tunes and beats were cut up, juggled and re-composed. It was one hour of wizardry by this German magician, fortunately I managed to pick my jaw off the floor and shoot a few pictures.

My images only tell part of the story, to really see DJ Rafik in action, watch him performing in this video. I hope to work with DJ Rafik again soon, if you get a chance then do go see and hear him, it is truly special.

The magicians toolbox

The magicians toolbox

DJ Rafik and the MC of the night, legendary Lord Finesse

DJ Rafik and the MC of the night, legendary Lord Finesse

All eyes on DJ Rafik

All eyes on DJ Rafik


New Website

blog-cover2 Today I am in a swinging-headphones-over-my-head ecstatic mood! Why? Because at Coffee and Magic we have used Coffee, Magic & Awesomeness and made a new website – for me. Powered entirely by Coffee and Magic‘s custom WordPress wizardry, my new site’s main features are:

- It is build around my work and identity as a music photographer
- Showcases my music portfolio and music stories
- Features large image slideshows on frontpage and portfolios (please view the site in fullscreen for maximum effect)
- And is contemporary and responsive so it works on all platforms, phones, tablets etc. (this is a standard feature of all our Coffee & Magic sites)

Charlene, magician and head honcho of Coffee and Magic, came up with a truly kick ass design and user experience for my site and coded the responsiveness from scratch. I make the coffee, she makes the magic – every day. I am the luckiest time-traveler in the world. The site took several months of brainstorming, then it all came together this week in 2-3 days of intense coding, designing, testing, coffee and magic making.

‘Nuff words, go to

(Where did all my old image galleries go you might ask? Well, we have more magic up our sleeves, wait and see later this month)