Exposing Copenhagen

Part III of the stories behind my blog header film strip is the middle one…yes it was the middle one (sorry, bit of Monty Python there). This is shot about … Read More

Photographing whales

I just noticed that in my last post I happened to pick the first shot from my film strip header – so why not go through all of them as … Read More

A digital compact worth owning?

For some time I have wanted to buy an extra camera. Only problem is: it doesn’t exist. At least not yet. I drag my “precious”, my Canon EOS 5D (usually … Read More

The light at dusk

Not only is it a cool word – dusk! – it is also a fantastic time for photography. For about 20-30 minutes after sunset the light is otherwordly and magical … Read More

Did I write "summer days" ?

In my previous post from last week I mentioned the lovely Northern Summer Days…well presently it’s bloody raining half the time! Had to work today, managed to get super wet … Read More

Siberian Leopard

The Amur Leopard also known as the Siberian Leopard is the rarest subspecies of leopard. They have two at Copenhagen Zoo and they’re beautiful animals. They’re unfortunately behind a thick … Read More

Copenhagen Panorama

One of the tallest office buildings in Copenhagen has been restored and they had an open house event where the public was allowed access. Naturally I ignored the fancy restored … Read More

Dreamy Days have arrived at my hotel

Got this in my mail today: The new CD “Dream days at the Hotel Existence” from Powderfinger, one of my favourite bands. Been on repeat for the past few hours … Read More

New design on my website

Well…not entirely new design, “slightly altered design with new elements” may be a more fitting but also a less interesting headline I reckon. I redesigned the header graphic and added … Read More

RSS feeds of my recent photos

Pbase.com (where I host my pictures) added feeds today, fantastic new feature. The column on the right now has a RSS widget with links to my 5 latest pictures (unfortunately … Read More

Embedding a picture

A shot I took in Copenhagen yesterday, testing linking to a picture, click to see full size on my website:


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