Club kyo in Singapore

The small part of the electronic music scene in Singapore that I have been subjected to, seems heavily dominated (I could say infested) by EDM. The main floor at Zouk … Read More

Singapore: The Wonder Full Show

This is the show we were all waiting for. The Wonder Full Light & Water show at Marina Bay Sands. 13 minutes of a rather magical convergence of sound, light and … Read More

Singapore: Waiting for the show

Singapore, waiting for the twice nightly and free light, water and music show at Marina Bay Sands. Fujifilm X-T1, 18mmF2 lens, panorama mode

Zouk Singapore

Zouk – I remember the name from reading music magazines in the early and mid 90s. The legendary Zouk nightclub where international superstar DJs went to play in the faraway land … Read More

My Singapore Life – Nightwalking

The days in Singapore can be rather extreme. Sitting one degree off the equator, either the sun is melting you or tropical storms threaten to drown you. Either way it is always … Read More

My Singapore Life – Introduction

Since late October 2013, apart from spending March in Copenhagen, I have been living in Singapore. I am here to help and support my love Charlene and her mother, Charlene’s father sadly passed … Read More