My Copenhagen – Mit København

I love living in Copenhagen (København to use the actual name), it is a beautiful and amazing multi-cultural city. As much as I am obsessed with Australia I think being … Read More

Copenhagen Dreaming

Title is from a good old ‘Love Shop’ song, contrary to that song’s lyrics I do know why I went travelling and I miss Australia, but it is also super … Read More

Last sunset from Copenhagen

Last picture from Copenhagen for a while at least as I depart on Tuesday for the land down under! Shot this last Thursday night, didn’t have time to process it … Read More

Panorama view for me – part II

As a followup to my previous post on panoramas, I shot this in Copenhagen last Saturday. This is stitched in PTgui from 9 handheld vertical shots – click to see … Read More

Panorama view for me please

The Big Picture I am a big fan of panorama photography, there’s something about a wide panorama view of a landscape or cityscape that speaks to me. Some people notice … Read More

Exposing Copenhagen

Part III of the stories behind my blog header film strip is the middle one…yes it was the middle one (sorry, bit of Monty Python there). This is shot about … Read More

The light at dusk

Not only is it a cool word – dusk! – it is also a fantastic time for photography. For about 20-30 minutes after sunset the light is otherwordly and magical … Read More

Did I write "summer days" ?

In my previous post from last week I mentioned the lovely Northern Summer Days…well presently it’s bloody raining half the time! Had to work today, managed to get super wet … Read More

Copenhagen Panorama

One of the tallest office buildings in Copenhagen has been restored and they had an open house event where the public was allowed access. Naturally I ignored the fancy restored … Read More

Embedding a picture

A shot I took in Copenhagen yesterday, testing linking to a picture, click to see full size on my website: