Hi, I'm Flemming Bo Jensen

I am a professional music and event photographer from Denmark, and I have a lifelong love for music. I photographic music because I love the everything about the music scene and want to belong in that magical world. I went to music events for more than 12 years before even bringing a camera along for the first time. I discovered I can translate my passion for music into pictures and be part of the music scene that way! I have been doing that for more than 10 years now.

I am an official FUJIFILM camera ambassador with FUJIFILM Nordic. I am also an official Red Bull Photographer and am proud to be represented by Gonzales Photo Agency. My clients include Red Bull Music, Roskilde Festival, The Minds of 99, Jada and and many others and I have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Being able to combine music and photography is a dream come true.

Contact me here if you want to work with me, or just want to connect.