Nomad Life

On 23rd of November 2009 I boarded a plane in Copenhagen bound for Bangkok. I had spent the previous 4 months selling my flat, my furniture and just about everything I owned. I had reset large parts of my life and was equally excited and nervous. Nothing could have prepared me for the adventures and the roller coaster ride ahead. In most people’s mind including my own, this was insane. But I wanted to do it, start over. I wanted to see the world, experience, photograph and learn. I did however not just wake up one morning and decide to do this. In 2007 I had quit my fulltime job in IT, started freelancing and I traveled a lot in 2007 and 2008. So I had a sort of running start into choosing to fully free myself of all my belongings and travel fulltime from 2009. Likewise, I did not one day choose to not be a nomad anymore, I had changed and circumstances in my life changed and over a few years I finally realised the nomad travel years were over. It is not an easy thing to get into, nor out of. Nomad life was nothing like a normal short or medium length trip where you have a home to return to. To quote Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. It really was. But I would not change one second. You can read my Trips Around The Sun stories if you are interested in more about my nomad years.

Nomad 100 pictures collection

100 pictures from 11 years of my nomad life photography from 2007-2018. These are just a few of my favourites, in random order. 
There are trips lasting months that are represented here with just 1 picture so it is a small glimpse into my large archive.


My favourite stories

This is my curated collection of Nomad stories from 2007-2018. Not every country I have been to is represented, these are simply my favourite stories from the road, from more than 500 articles in all. Start your journey by choosing stories from either my favourite personal collection, or select by country in the grid further below.

All 110 curated stories by country

You made it through my personal favourites and you still want more? You want 110 of my favourite stories (out of 500+ stories) organised by country? Well then, look no further than this collection!


Beyond is a 10 minute movie about my life as a gypsy, nomad, time-traveler and jedi. Directed, filmed and edited by Charlene Winfred. The movie was created by Charlene in New Mexico and Utah, USA, April 2013.