Den Sorte Skole x Vertigo – REFRAKTO

Den Sorte Skole always creates something unique, and I love working with them, check out previous galleries here and here. Together with the visual artists collective Vertigo they have now … Read More

THE MINDS OF 99 – Parken 11.09.2021 – Photo Essay

The Minds of 99. The biggest band in Denmark. The best live band in Denmark. 52.000 people. Largest concert in Europe since the pandemic. Reopening Denmark the day after all corona restrictions were lifted. The Minds of 99 made history on 11.09.2021.

Nomad Life 100 Pictures

Nomad 100 is a new gallery on my website, with 100 pictures from 11 years of my nomad life photography from 2007-2018. It is just a few of my favourites, in random … Read More

Roskilde Festival Summer Days 2021

Roskilde Festival Summer Days was a string of 8 small individual events spread over 2 long weekends, invented after all the usual Summer festivals were canceled back in April. In … Read More

The World from My Front Window

The World from My Front Porch is a remarkable photobook by Larry Towell (fortunately I bought a copy about 10 years ago, it is now out of print and expensive). … Read More

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was definitely a Christmas unlike any other due to you-know-what. I spent it with my nearest family, mother, brother, sister and nephews in a summerhouse in the northern … Read More

A corona-concert gallery from Autumn 2020

Every single opportunity to pick up my camera and make pictures of artists and/or events during these fxcked times is something I cherish, something I am so grateful for. Every … Read More