Roskilde Festival Summer Days 2021

Roskilde Festival Summer Days was a string of 8 small individual events spread over 2 long weekends, invented after all the usual Summer festivals were canceled back in April. In … Read More

The World from My Front Window

The World from My Front Porch is a remarkable photobook by Larry Towell (fortunately I bought a copy about 10 years ago, it is now out of print and expensive). … Read More

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was definitely a Christmas unlike any other due to you-know-what. I spent it with my nearest family, mother, brother, sister and nephews in a summerhouse in the northern … Read More

A corona-concert gallery from Autumn 2020

Every single opportunity to pick up my camera and make pictures of artists and/or events during these fxcked times is something I cherish, something I am so grateful for. Every … Read More

Kölsch in Cisternerne

I am a big fan of the melodic techno that Danish producer and DJ Kölsch makes and I also had the pleasure of photographing Kölsch at Zouk in Singapore back … Read More