Saveus – Roskilde Festival 2022

I remember Martin (Saveus) secretly telling me about this Roskilde Festival concert way back in November 2019, and finally one pandemic and two and a half years later in 2022 Roskilde Festival is able to go ahead with Saveus booked to play the big Arena stage. It felt almost unreal to stand on the Arena stage and think back to that moment in 2019, a lifetime ago.

The concert was an epic trip through Saveus’ old and new (some unreleased) songs and with a wonderful crowd really responding to the emotion and energy on stage. Martin’s outstanding voice brought on the goosebumps and just like other Danish artists I documented such as Jada, it was quite emotional to be part of a concert that I know an artist have waited so long for during a pandemic that was especially tough times for the music- and event industry.

This was also a really fun and challenging shoot, Martin bounces around the big stage full of energy and the lights were great but equally hyper active. I was not so hyper active as I got home at 5am from the gigs at Roskilde the day before, that is the thing about festival jobs, you normally arrive dead tired but then adrenaline takes over once the music starts! The Arena tent is I think the largest indoor tent stage in Europe and houses at least 20,000 people and it was a thrill to have full access and really be able to show what it is like to play this stage. The view from the stage is really something special, and felt very cinematic so I have created my photo story with ‘cinestill’ inspired look and cinematic panoramas.

Finally, I recommend you listen to the fantastic new single Rain Man from Saveus, join Saveus backstage and get ready to go on stage:


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