FUJIFILM GFX100S at music gigs – and wideangle focal lengths explained

I had a chance back in May to bring the FUJIFILM GFX100S medium format camera to a couple of music gigs! Here is the follow up to my ‘GFX100S first look‘ video back in March. And yes I know for example Capture One might be faster with GFX files, but I prefer and like Lightroom, that is where I have my workflow, perfected over 13 years of using Lightroom. Capture One sucks imho with mass-production workflows, it is great for single images.

In the video I go into details about the effect on focal lengths and sensor cropping, especially for wide angle photography where it is a lot more noticeable. It really is one of my favourite things about using medium format, the ability to capture a very wide field of view on a more ‘normal’ focal length that has a lot less wideangle distortion. Vice versa, it is my least favourite thing about APS-C, that I have to shoot at 16mm to capture a ‘fullframe’ 24mm field of view. On the GFX system, you can shoot at 30mm and get that ‘fullframe’ 24mm view!

Watch the video to learn more, I hope you like it, and shoot me any questions you have in the comment.

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