Caroline Polachek – VEGA 2023 – photo essay

I love when the stage and light design create a ‘universe’ on stage so the stage itself basically disappears into haze and light. A dreamworld and this is definitely what we are in for tonight at VEGA in Copenhagen! The air is thick with haze and red lights illuminate the stage. American alternative-avant-pop star Caroline Polachek emerges from the haze, with her band as silhouettes in the background, and they launch into the fantastic ‘Welcome to my Island‘. I had high expectations for this concert, and rightly so, Caroline delivers a proper tour-de-force and properly blowing the roof of the boiling hot venue. All my photo essays usually cover a whole concert, some a whole tour. This one is different, shot solely during the first 3 songs in the pit, standard press photographer rules. But there was just so many pictures to make, Caroline Polachek was on fire and the light was awesome so those 3 songs really gave us photographers so much to work with. I would love to cover a whole show for her one day. I highly recommend seeing Caroline Polachek live if you get the chance and do listen to her latest awesome album ‘Desire, I want to turn into you‘.


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