Hugorm – Vega 2022 – Photo essay

If you take a concert and add a good splash of some comedy skits and some dramatical theatrical parts, it might give you an idea of what a concert with the Danish band Hugorm is like. But really, you have to experience it!

I have photographed Hugorm once before back in March 2022 and knew their music, so I thought I had some idea of what I was in for and I expected it to be good. I was wrong, it was not just good it was awesome! Hugorm played a lot of gigs and festivals in 2022 and clearly did a lot of changes and improvements to their live show; making it a a really inventive, funny and kick-ass show that ranged from sing-a-long to comedy to rave moments! I had a blast photographing this, and really hope to work with Hugorm again because I just love bands that break the mould, mix all genres and surprise you.

As I write this I am playing Hugorm’s latest album ‘Tro, Hug & Kærlighed’ which I totally love and the beats are so damn cool and evocative, I can replay all the awesome and funny moments from the gigs. Hugorm played sold-out Vega shows two nights in a row and this essay has my favourites from both concerts, sequenced into one chronological story. You can read more about photographing the concerts after the gallery, but now it’s time to go on stage, let’s go!

Foto: Flemming Bo Jensen


Photographing Hugorm at VEGA

These were just two wonderful days coming right after the Christmas holiday, and a good opportunity also to sweat out some of all the lovely Christmas food 🙂 I used my 2 x FUJIFILM X-T5s of course, with 16-55 and 10-24mm lenses. I had a few other lenses behind the stage, I needed the 16mm 1.4 to capture those shots just before the encore because it was super dark. I love it when I can be part of the rehearsals and have more than one concert, is just so wonderful to not only know the show but get to pick alternative angles on night 2. Say if I shot one particular scene from the pit the first night, I will swap to shoot it from the stage on night 2. Being on tour is even better, I loved having 9 shows on The Minds of 99 tour in 2022.

I keep track of all of this via clever colour codes I add to the setlist each night – and no, before you ask, I of course never forget what a colour means during a gig 🙂 This is my Hugorm setlist from night 2. Green means stage, red is pit and I think purple is ‘get ready to nail a jump!’. I did the FOH and Stage pictures on night 1 so I am skipping those here. As you can tell I changed my mind about the opening so it has a confusing amount of colours 🙂


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