The Minds of 99 – Infinity Action Tour 2022

The Minds of 99. Longtime readers will know I have had the incredible honour and pleasure of documenting this band since mid 2016. Last year, Minds (as they are known) pulled off the biggest stadium concert in Europe since Corona at Parken Stadium. This tour was announced just before the Parken show, originally scheduled for January 2022. The initial tour poster featured one of my pictures from 2019 and I got a huge kick out of seeing these posters cycling around Copenhagen:

The last tour from Minds was the Arena Tour all the way back in November 2019. This tour was originally scheduled for January 2022 but due to corona restrictions, had to be moved. Finally, in April 2022 it was time for the band and crew to get back on the road and in many ways find themselves again and meet their fans all over Denmark. 9 concerts with 79,000 tickets sold, setting a record for biggest indoor tour ever in Denmark. This was The Minds of 99 Infinity Action Tour 2022. And it was beyond amazing, absolutely the most incredible thing I have ever been part of as a music photographer. As good as the first 2 shows at Royal Arena were, something very magical happened once we hit the road for the last 7 shows. To quote Firefly, “They see the sky and remember who they are”. And I also found myself again, my ability to make my ‘Minds’ pictures that I didn’t manage at Parken and did not know if I still had. And I really learned to be amongst people again. I was going to write a lot about my own experiences but will save that for the behind-the-scenes post coming up. Let’s just focus on pictures from the concerts.

Are you on a phone? Do me a huge favour and get your laptop, tablet, TV, projector anything with a bigger screen. These are huge gorgeous concerts and deserve a bigger screen than a phone. Thank you!

This really could have been a gallery with an almost infinite amount of pictures, but I selected 100 of my favourites out of the 25,000 pictures I shot during the 9 concerts. They are in random order, but there are pictures from every song and every show. I tried to sequence the pictures so the essay continually goes from wide and epic to emotional close-ups of the band and then to ecstatic fans because this is how I was shooting every show. I wanted the epic big scenes but I was really after getting all that emotion and interplay, Minds just absolutely loving being on stage again, and on tour again. A separate essay on the-scenes pictures is coming but first – 1, 2, 3, 4 – let’s dive into the 9 concerts!

Minds on Tour 2022 – My Infinity Photo Action Gallery

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