This one is for the fans. I do not have any words yet to describe just how incredible this The Minds of 99 Arena tour was, just how amazing these four shows were. Two of my major goals, being part of a full tour with my favourite band and being part of a photo book with the same band came true. On one tour. Actually on one day. That is big. This was the biggest thing I have ever done in music photography. Yes, there were more people when they played on the Orange Stage. But this Arena Tour was a 100% production by the band. 7 trucks full of gear, the stage, sound, lights, gear, merchandise, computers, cables. To see all of that come together, and to hear the roar of the fans as this epic Arena show blew everyone away. This was big.

Much more to come about being on tour. For now, enjoy 80 pictures, sequenced so they mostly follow the flow of the concert, but the pictures are from all 4 shows, Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. A huge thank you to the band, management, label, crew, all of you. I am so grateful to be part of this.

The Minds of 99 Arena Tour 2019 – Mega gallery

Click for full size and use arrow keys. Please view on a big screen, these were not shot for phones.



2 thoughts on “The Best Of: The Minds of 99 Arena Tour 2019

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  1. Brett Patching 1 year ago

    Fantastic photos, Flemming! I love how you caught the couple kissing to balance out that shot 🙂

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 1 year ago

      Thank you Brett! Yes that couple kissing just makes that shot, it was actually a bit of blind luck (literally) that they ended up in my frame!