PRISMA – Pumpehuset 2023 photo essay

PRISMA is an upcoming Danish band featuring siblings Sirid and Frida and they make music with so much electric energy and a good portion of rage, that I rarely hear in Danish music. I absolutely love their music and concerts, I had the pleasure of hearing them no less than 3 times in 2022. I think I first became aware of PRISMA through the radio channel P6Beat sometime in 2021 after the release of their awesome EP ‘Inside Out’. I had one of those reactions “omg what is this and who is this? I must know more!”. I really equate it to the first time I heard Mew back in 2003 (I think) or the first time I heard The Minds of 99 in 2015. I love it when new music just completely floors me and stops my world. Since the EP PRISMA have released some fantastic singles and I really look forward to hopefully many more PRISMA songs and concerts in the coming years. PRISMA are also playing Roskilde Festival, if you are at Roskilde then do not miss this, I am sure it will be a proper rave at 00.30 on the Avalon stage. See you there!

In April 2023, PRISMA played a large headliner show at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, and I am so thrilled I got to document the entire concert. I like to have a compact setup for Pumpehuset because there is no photo pit, so a compact setup allows me to be in the crowd without taking up too much space. I used 2 x FUJIFILM X-T5 cameras and XF16-55mmF2.8 + XF90mmF2 lenses. I use a lot of slow shutter in high energy concerts like this one because I like that feeling of motion blur giving energy to the pictures. It was a kick-ass outstanding show, checkout the awesome ‘Drive’ video and play some more PRISMA as you view my photo essay. Thank you so much to PRISMA and crew!


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