FRAADS – live at VEGA 2021 Photo Essay

Fraads is a Danish duo that makes a mix of melodic avant garde trap-based hiphop unlike anyone else. And they are fantastic live! I had a chance to document their entire show at VEGA in Copenhagen 8 Dec 2021. As it happened, our lockdown due to omicron variant had been announced just hours earlier by the government so this was the last concert for a while. I think that added a bit of ‘last concert before the end of the world’ feeling to everyone. It certainly did for me, and it was a great concert to end 2021 on. The atmosphere was ecstatic and Fraads were outstanding.

There was no security pit so no distance from the stage to the fans and I really like that, but it does mean as a photographer you just have to throw yourself right into the raving bunch of fans to get pictures up close. The reward is those pictures with a connection between the artist and the fans that you just cannot get any other way than being in there close up and personal with the fans. Here, it really helps to have small mirrorless cameras. The light was fantastic, creating this surreal universe at times that really allowed for making some creative work. Lead singer Papa Erotic was absolutely magnetic to photograph, sensual and gorgeous and constantly moving and creating shapes in the light. I am not going to add much caption text to these pictures, I am just going to let you play some Fraads and dive into their universe through my eyes as it happened live.

Ahhh that lovely pre-show excitement in the crowd. On this night, as everyone knew it would be their last concert for a while because of the omicron lockdown just announced hours earlier, I think there was a little extra ‘last party before the world ends’ celebration.
Fraads enters the stage, or more like the whole Fraads fantasty universe is unveiled with massive haze and backlit silhouettes, I loved it.
Lead singer Papa Erotic greets the fans
I really love making these kind of pictures, only possible without a security pit so the fans can be right up against the stage.


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