Jada – live at KB Hallen 2021 Photo Essay

I have wanted to post this photo essay for so long, but it was such a wonderful day with Jada and her band and crew that I never felt that I could really come up with any kind of essay that would do this concert any justice. But finally, here we go, let me take you back to KB Hallen in Copenhagen on 13 November 2021 where Jada gave an incredible concert. If you were there, you know what I mean when I say that there was something very special in the air, in the crowd, in the venue, in the songs, in the performance, in the dances, in the crew, in the sound, in the light, in everything. I go to a lot of concerts, many are good, some are great, a few are outstanding and then just once in a while all the parts come together to create something that feels magical to me. It happened at The Minds of 99 at Parken, and it happened at this Jada concert.

The show itself was spectacular as you will see, outstanding performance by Jada and band, with fantastic sound and light, amazing dancers and costumes. And the crowd, the incredible crowd. Jada’s fans are incredibly passionate (and loud!) and you can tell everyone just loved this concert and this perfect safe space, this perfect celebration of music and passion. Standing in the pit at the start of the ‘Nudes’ song and then hearing the crowd start to sing the entire song before Jada even started the song and then continuing while Jada just listened with a huge smile was so incredible. It is moments like these that I aim to try and capture in a still photo, but also moments like these that I am so humbled to get to experience right next to both the artist and the fans. Thank you Jada for having me along to document this day. I cannot wait for the 2022 shows.

There is no way I can find the words to describe this entire day, I am going to let play some Jada such as the awesome new Something to Say and then let my photo essay take you through this day:

It is 2pm and I just arrived. Jannik Jensen, master of light, at the controls of all the many lamps!
I love shooting rehearsals, I get to enjoy the music standing in the perfect sweet spot, and get incredible captures of stage lights, that are impossible to get during the show.
See what I mean? Rehearsals and just amazing light shot from the absolutely perfect sweet spot (as the floor is empty!). Amazing light design by Jannik Jensen.
Jada, band and crew, and Dopha (warmup) and band are ready to make magic!
Walking onto the stage with a big smile to an incredible roar from the crowd
Jada is here…
and the crowd goes mental!
This outstanding light happened just once in the show for a brief time, another advantage of being present for rehearsals because I try and remember all the awesome moments I want to get.
The Jada show goes from epic to intimate and back again effortlessly.
The cheering was so ecstatic, and SO loud as you can tell!


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    1. Hi. 16mm F1.4 and the new 33mm F1.4 (my old 35mm is broken) are among my favourites yes. They are not always ideal though for the big arena size shows, so for this concert I also used the 16-55mm F2.8 zoom a lot, it is outstanding.

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