Den Sorte Skole x Vertigo – REFRAKTO

Den Sorte Skole always creates something unique, and I love working with them, check out previous galleries here and here. Together with the visual artists collective Vertigo they have now created REFRAKTO, which in their own words is described as “an inter-religious audiovisual performance made for churches and cathedrals. REFRAKTO is made in collaboration with visual artist collective Vertigo and combines music, sound, light-scenography and laser mapping. The vision is to investigate different traces of religion and spirituality from our history and bring them together in an immersive experience in one of the most sacred institutions of our society – the church.”

I was hired by Den Sorte Skole to document the performance at Vor Frue Kirke in Copenhagen, a huge and gorgeous church. I fortunately had documented concerts in this church before so I knew how to get around and it gave me an advantage in trying to cover alle the angles. The music and the light create something completely otherworldly in REFRAKTO, something that I really have no words for. You have to be there. It is an A/V space, created for each church individually, so no two REFRAKTO concerts are exactly the same. I hope my pictures can convey just a bit of this incredible experience.

Foto: Flemming Bo Jensen
Foto: Flemming Bo Jensen
Martin and Simon from Den Sorte Skole

Thank you Martin and Simon and VERTIGO for having me along to document your fantastic creations!


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