The Minds of 99 – Tivoli 2016 Photo Essay

I previously featured this concert in an essay from 2016 here but I recently had a look back at my very oldest pictures of The Minds Of 99 and re-processed a bunch of pictures from this special concert. This concert at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen was the first time I documented a concert for The Minds Of 99, not the first time I photographed them but the first time I was shooting for the band, on-stage, and it was a day I will never forget. Little did I know the incredible experiences with Minds, that this day would lead to in the years since then. I like the more intimate punk’ish feel that the stage setup and show had back then, and I hope to make more of this style of pictures. It’s a nice contrast to the huge arena setups, to make some pictures with a smaller intimate and trashy punky feel to them. Join me in a time-travel back to September 2016, one very hot day in Tivoli Gardens:

Soundcheck early in the morning before Tivoli opens
11pm and showtime


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