THE 1975 – Northside Festival – photo essay

Matty Healing of THE 1975

THE 1975. One of the biggest bands of the planet for a decade, but I was a little late to the party. I cannot precisely remember the first time I heard some of their music, probably around 2017-18. But I do know that in 2020 and 2021 during the lockdowns, I just obsessively found myself deep diving into the entire universe of The 1975 and fell completely in love with the band. They are some kind of modern hybrid of all the music I loved in the 80s and in Matty Healy they have one of the most fascinating and brilliant front-person, lead singer and song writer (and provocateur/occasional idiot) of any band nowadays. They also have a fantastic aesthetic and a very strong use of still photography by the fantastic Jordan Hughes. Their latest album Being Funny in a Foreign Language from last year has been on constant rotation, I listen to the entire album almost every day, and have watched the live show from Madison Square Garden from 2022 so many times, actually it is playing while I write this. The 1975 is not only a band I totally love, it is a band I would totally love to be in. Part of the band.

Flash forward to Friday 2nd of June 2023 where The 1975 stopped by Northside festival in Aarhus, Denmark on their European festival tour. I was extremely happy that I was working for a Danish artist on this day, so I had the chance later that day to catch The 1975, and if things worked out, make a few pictures too. Things worked out!

I rarely get starstruck but when the one-dimensional become three-dimensional with one of my favourite bands right in front of me, I was struck by stars for sure. This is music that means so much, music that I have listened to over and over for the past 3 years to get my through many bad times and now the band is right there. Actually I briefly saw Matty Healy earlier backstage in the artist village and it was one of those surreal ‘this cannot be real, you just live on my screen and in my headphones and now you are right here and I think my brain has crashed’. One-dimensional become three-dimensional.

I was honestly so mind blown when the concert started that I forgot to shoot half the time but I am glad I did get some pictures. What follows are a selection of the stills I managed to make in the pit during the first 3 songs and a few from the crowd later on. Like stills from a movie that was over far too quickly, let’s do this again soon THE 1975!

The intro was brilliant, Matty appeared on the big screen, filmed live hanging out in a production truck behind the stage
Matty was then filmed walking on to the stage and then ended up looking at himself on screen with ecstatic fans in the background
Hello there. He had an eye infection or something, so we got a Pirate Matty, not bad!
and we are off, straight into Looking for Somebody (to love)
Thank you THE 1975 (and the fans and the full moon)


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