The Minds of 99 – Loppen, Christiania – Photo Essay

The Minds of 99 at Loppen, 2023

2021 saw The Minds of 99 play Parken stadium in Denmark in front of 52,000 people, the largest stadium concert in Europe since the pandemic. 2022 saw Minds (as they are known) play the largest indoor tour ever in Denmark and then 4 headliner concerts at 4 Danish festivals during the Summer. 2023 saw Minds kick off the year in a different way, playing small shows in Sweden and Norway and ending their Scandinavian tour with 2 nights at Loppen, a legendary small venue in Christiania, Copenhagen with a max capacity of 400 people!

Loppen is a tiny loft with a very low ceiling in an old army building and the fans who arrived first and got close to the stage had a unique intimate Minds concert, literally standing face to face with the band. It is almost like a few hundred fans got invited to a small studio session, it was very intimate, completely packed and highly intense. Oh and hot, these were sweaty and awesome shows! It was fantastic to hear two tracks from the recent EP live, ‘I Will Never Know Fear’ and ‘Blev Til En Hvid Fugl’.

These were two very challenging concerts to document, Loppen was so incredibly packed that there was just zero space to move anywhere, no room in front of the stage, no room on stage, no room in the crowd. I have never felt Loppen so packed, it felt like all 400 people wanted to stand in the front two rows and I do apologise to all the people I accidentally kicked when trying to navigate my way around the crowd! Especially on the second night I did make a selection of photos I like that I feel show the ‘Minds at Loppen’ vibe, what it felt like to be there. The advantage to not moving is that you have to pick a spot and then just wait for the picture to come to you. Sometimes being forced to be stationary is a really good thing, sometimes at gigs when I can move freely all over the place including stage, pit, venue etc, then I move too much, never standing still for more than a few seconds. All the concert pictures below are actually from only 5 different fixed positions that I found I could get to during the gig. Thank you Fujifilm for small cameras and lenses, 2 x X-T5s with 10-24 and 16-55 zooms on them take up very little space. Ok, let’s go back to The Minds of 99 at Loppen, 17-18 March 2023.

The 9 and 9 gets carried into Loppen!
Mikkel creates an artistic interpretation of the logo because the logo is way too high to fit in Loppen
Franz making sure all the guitars and basses are in perfect condition
The queue!
And Minds are ready!
Loppen are you ready?! It is really handy that I have very long arms for these shots!


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