The Minds of 99 – Live i Parken – vinyl release

The Minds of 99 released the entire concert from Parken Stadium in 2021 on double vinyl and streaming platforms today! I am so thrilled and proud of this release. It is really wonderful to see the Photo Team’s combined work featured on this vinyl release with pictures from Morten Rygaard, Malthe Ivarsson and yours truly. This printed physical product featuring the entire live concert is the perfect ‘home’ for our still pictures. The layout by Danni Riddertoft looks fantastic and the print quality is great. The audio was mixed by Kristian Thomsen and it sounds outstanding, and since a gig chunk of the brain goes towards the visuals while photographing the show, this is the first time I have heard the concert as a listener, and it’s goosebumps all the way. To learn much more about this historic concert and see our photos, check out these links.


📷 My personal photo essay from Parken
📷 Combined Photo Team essay from Parken
📷 Behind the Scenes photo essay from Parken
🎧 Stream it!
💚 Buy the vinyl!

The cover has 4 pictures from Malthe Ivarsson (the 4 close-ups) and 2 pictures by me.
The full gorgeous package
Poster, one side features my picture from Parken
Poster, front side
The top picture is the now iconic amazing picture by Morten Rygaard. Inner cover picture by me.
Morten Rygaards picture at the top, the bottom is by me and is the 2 inner covers


The Phototeam – Malthe Ivarsson, Morten Rygaard and me 🙂

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