Nomad Life 100 Pictures

Nomad 100 is a new gallery on my website, with 100 pictures from 11 years of my nomad life photography from 2007-2018. It is just a few of my favourites, in random order. There are trips lasting several months that are represented in the gallery with just 1 picture so it is but a very small glimpse into my large archive. Click to view Nomad 100.

It is impossible to select just 100 pictures from more than 11 years of travel photography. But I do finally, for the first time, managed to consolidate all my pictures in one giant Lightroom library. So I just scrolled down my thousands of favorites and selected 1-2 from each trip purely on instinct. Nomad 100 is the result, I hope you like it.

Perhaps one day I will make something more of this large archive, print sales, books, magazines, exhibitions. Perhaps it will just stay as it is now. Nomad 100 is a gallery that I have never made before, so who knows where it will end! Click to view Nomad 100, I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments.

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