A collection of my commercially available photography books.

Diario del Perú

Peru. It crawled under my skin. Affected my soul. Four weeks in Peru deeply touched the somewhat jaded traveling me. There is an energy to life here. A rawness, anarchy, hardship and smiles. A chaotic mix full of contrasts and absurdities that overwhelm, overtake and charm me. The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Peru is very special. It crawled under my skin. Affected my soul. La Alma del Perú.This is a visual diary of La Alma del Perú. The soul of Peru. It got under my skin and into my blood. I want it to stay there.

Diario del Perú was chosen as book of the week at Blurb.

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Skyvandrer [Danish: Cloud- or Skywalker]. Walk on clouds. Free. To live a creative live feeling free. One of the main reasons why I live as I do. That feeling is possibly what I have chased all my life although I have become majorly sidetracked at times.The kick of feeling free. Nothing like it for me. The more I do this somewhat dangerous ‘drug’ the more I dislike any form of everyday life and routine. Seriously dislike any form of planning and organization. Just want to travel the universe.

New Mexico is unique in this aspect. Flying my car — the RaveMobile — through wide open wild spaces under a harsh hard desert sun. On the Road.



Asia Stories

This book contains some of the stories that have affected me deeply during the first two years of my life on the road in primarily Asia. Asia Stories features my essays and visual stories from Papua New Guinea, Laos and Cambodia.I am fascinated by how we live so differently on this planet, and yet share many of the same needs and dreams. It is important to me that you connect with the lives of the people and places through more than just the images; I would like you to experience their stories, and feel the gap narrow between your life and theirs.

The images and text have been carefully sequenced, curated, edited and are displayed on beautiful Mohawk fine art uncoated paper. The book is 138 pages hardcover, 25×20 cm.

Photographs and text by Flemming Bo Jensen. Edited by Charlene Winfred.