I'm on my bloody way! Australia Australia we love ya!

21st of August I am flying out of Copenhagen on my way to Australia for a bit more than 2 months of holiday. My 6th visit to the land down under and I can’t get enough, stick me in the middle of the outback and I’m a happy bloke! Cannot wait!

Here’s the Australia Tourism Boards funny ad “So where the bloody hell are you?” … well, I am on my bloody way!

(a better looking version is at http://www.wherethebloodyhellareyou.com)

5 Comments on “I'm on my bloody way! Australia Australia we love ya!”

  1. and now i'm stuck cruising your oldest posts…
    dammit Flem! 😛

    funniest thing about this is how you say the "funny" ad… you obviously have the true Ozzie sense of humor. this ad wasn't taken very well at all in the end. poms hated it and all it seemed to get was bad press. me on the other hand… Lara Bingle- mmmmm 🙂 somehow made me love Oz more then ever!

    1. how did you end up on my old 2007 posts ya drunken google searcher ? 🙂

      I thought the where the bloody hell are ya campaign was hell funny. Much better than the new one! Also that really old one with Paul Hogan is funny.

  2. haha- must have been searching for "Denmark's greatest pornstar" or something similar haha.

    nah i dunno, you're posts usually get a laugh out of me- but last night they got even more i think 🙂 lol

  3. Hehehehehe, I see Stephen and I have a similar penchance for going through old blog posts.

    I am unwilling to sleep and cruising people's blogs as a result. It's pretty cool being able to read your old posts 🙂

    1. Come on, comment on some of the new stuff guys 🙂 Some of these old posts are almost a bit embarrassing I find, but at least it can provide some laughs.

      Almost 3 and a half years ago this post was written. Feels like a lifetime, actually feels as if it happened in another life to someone else.

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