The light at dusk

Søtorvet at duskNot only is it a cool word – dusk! – it is also a fantastic time for photography. For about 20-30 minutes after sunset the light is otherwordly and magical – remember to not pack away the camera once the sun has set because this is when it gets really good! It’s also by far the best time to do night photography ‘cos you have mixed lighting – still some light in the sky mixed with light from buildings etc.

Wide angle cloudscape at duskHave a look at the two examples in this post. This is from two days ago in Copenagen and just after sunset on a rainy day with lots of dramatic clouds and the light was something special. I didn’t even think that much of it when I shot the pictures, was in a bit of a hurry, but when I got home and looked at the shots they had some great clouds and magical colours.

Dusk – highly recommended! Oh, and Die Hard 4.0 is pretty good as well! 🙂

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