As a followup to my previous post on panoramas, I shot this in Copenhagen last Saturday. This is stitched in PTgui from 9 handheld vertical shots – click to see full size:
Copenhagen wet season sunset panoI call this shot a wet season sunset pano due to the amount of rain we’re getting and the almost tropical cloudscape in this shot. I shot it vertically to include more of the huge glowing clouds dwarfing the city, and then I just cropped the bottom of the image (I find that you have to stick the horizon in the middle when shooting panos, makes the images easier to stitch – you can always crop later).

…By the way this wet season Danish summer would be severely depressing if it wasn’t for the fact that in exactly 3 weeks I’m on a Qantas flight bound for Australia 😀 I will shoot heaps of panoramas, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Panorama view for me – part II

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  1. belle80 14 years ago

    beautiful panorama! (and many more I see on your website). May I link you on my website?
    …I have been thinking that there is one advantage of this rather dismal summer we are having in Copenhagen – the rain makes the streets glisten, great for taking pictures.
    look forward to seeing more images of
    Copenhagen (and down under) soon

  2. Flemming Bo Jensen 14 years ago

    Hi Isabel and thanks for the comment.
    You're very welcome to add a link to me on your website! I've linked to your blog from my blog.
    I agree, one advantage of this weather is the very interesting clouds and light situations.

  3. Australia visa 13 years ago

    ya i too enjoyed this type of climate during my early visit to Australia…I didnt find such a comfortable climate in any part of the world,really great