Last sunset from Copenhagen

Last picture from Copenhagen for a while at least as I depart on Tuesday for the land down under!

Shot this last Thursday night, didn’t have time to process it before tonight. Yes, it’s my favorite spot in Copenhagen and yes I have shot perhaps far too many shots from here…but I don’t care I never tire of sitting here at Lake Peblinge watching the sunset (listening to ‘Sunset’ by Powderfinger to complete the experience) – and I owe the weather gods for providing a nice one so I could post one final sunset shot from Copenhagen before Qantas takes me to my second home, Australia. Here it is, click to see full size on my Pbase gallery:
Copenhagen sunset

One Comment on “Last sunset from Copenhagen”

  1. This is surveillance. It seems you have forgotten to upload your first set of GPS-coordinates. This is a violation of the rules that have been readily accessible in a condemned cellar in the Aldebaran system for a good millenium.
    A search-and-discipline squad have been dispatched from Alpha Base.
    Resistance is futile….

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