Hawk Dreaming continued

Just a quickee…I’ve spent the last few days doing a scenic flight over Kakadu (with turbulence you would not believe), studying wildlife at the Territory Wildlife Park, visiting an actual croc farm (with about 52 000 crocs on the farm! bloody true, 52 000 crocs!) and going on a Jumping Croc cruise (pics to come when I find the time). Also spent the time sweating a bit, seems the build-up and wet season is coming early because suddenly the temperature has gone up to at about 35-36c degrees here and the humidity went up another 10-15 percent. Except for the humidity I love finally getting some sunshine (bloody Danish summer!) and some Summer!

Still Hawk Dreaming haunts me and is what fills my head; here’s a few more shots (click them to see them on my gallery):
click to see larger sizeBillabong at sunset and there’s thousands of magpie geese and at fullsize you can see the cattle too!

click to see larger sizeAboriginal art site Mushroom rock at sunset

G’bye to Top End, G’day to Red Centre

After an amazing 2 weeks I am leaving Darwin and the Top End behind and heading off to Uluru – the rock formerly known as Ayers – tomorrow (Thursday). I don’t know how much internet access I can get there but will be back online next week in Cairns with stories of the red centre of Australia – see ya!

One Comment on “Hawk Dreaming continued”

  1. Hallo friend

    Why didn´t you put me in your suitcase.??? Because your suitcase was too small.!!

    Sitting at my job wundering where my dear, old true friend are. My true friend would have invited me to come because me compagny is the best and I always listen too others and never complayns. My true friend would have bought a bigger suitcase.!

    I am very imprest at your blog. Your picturs are very beautiful and you are a fascinating writer. I wich I were there.!!

    In Snaketown everything is as always. Head up feet down. Yesterday I found out the Per is as old as Micheal Meierheim….. That was realy a kick and the most fun we have had since you left.

    Now I have used all me englich werbs… I wich you well and hope too hear from you soon. Best reg. from Per


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