Uluru, Kata Tjuta – and Mars

The Man Who Fell To Earth

G’day everyone, I am on Mars. I am in the red centre; the red desert and I absolutely love it. I am sure that says something about me that I love a big dry warm red desert with no people (I would be perfect for the first Mars mission, I think I would love it there!). I am shooting so many pictures here on Mars, here’s a few of my takes on Mars:

click to see larger on my siteUluru lit up by the last bit of sunshine

click to see larger on my siteUluru at dusk, 10 minutes after sunset

click to see larger on my siteKata Tjuta sunrise panorama

click to see larger on my siteUluru and the rising sun, almost graphical image

…see more at my gallery incl. me and my shadow at Uluru…

Mars and the resort

Well, no people is not entirely the truth. I am in the middle of the desert and 500 kilometers from the nearest city – but at a big bloody expensive tourist resort at the same time. It is mind boggling. You go to Uluru or Kata Tjuta and walk around in a very hostile, dry, arid and red landscape that makes you think “this is Mars”. You then get on the bus, go 18 kilometers back to the Yulara resort and have lunch at a café next to a group of middle aged American women in full make-up chatting loudly about how the flies are very annoying, the sparkling wine is oh so very lovely and the air condition in the too-small-room should be easier to use. It’s Mars with a resort or a Resort with a Mars. It’s the twilight zone is what it is!

Anyway, more about this later, have to be a quickee again – I have to sit in the lobby of one of the expensive (well they’re all very expensive, but this is more expensive) hotel to get a bit of wireless internet access (not for free, for bloody 25 aussie dollars!) and post this. See ya later mate, I’m off to see the sunset from a helicopter!

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  1. As one who shares your love of that big, red, empty land, I feel certain your love for "Mars" says only good things about you. Loves the photos. The Red Center is one of my favorite places in the world.

    Enjoy your travels in Australia.

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