Dunk Island, now includes albatross

click for larger sizeNoticed the tropical paradise picture on the left? That’s what I did the past 4 days – lived in a beach house on a small tropical island called Dunk Island. Dunk Island is named after some bloke named Dunk! The original aboriginal name Coonanglebah apparently means Island of Peace and Plenty – sounds made up but you never know and it certainly was great relaxation!

Here’s basically what I did for 4 days:
Get up early to shoot purple tropical sunriseclick for larger size12 hours later, shoot tropical sunsets like this:click for larger sizeand this:click for larger sizeIn between sunrise and sunset – relax at the beach, relax on my balcony and go for walks in the rainforest. Here’s the view from my balcony:
click for larger sizeand the beach at sunset (houses just behind palm trees):
click for larger size
…and more at my gallery: http://www.pbase.com/flemmingbo/australia2007

Dunk Island is my first of this sort of luxury-resort-on-tropical-island experience and I didn’t quite know what to expect but I gotta admit that I loved most of it. The resort bit is not really me, but weather was fantastic, ocean very clear and gorgeous, sunsets spectacular. And living in a luxury house so bloody nice I almost felt out of place (I’m just a simple country boy) and right on the beach? Loved it I must admit! Sitting on my balcony, sunbaking and listening to the sounds of the ocean. Not bad! Yeah I could definitely get used to having a house by the beach! What the hell has become of me though? 10 years ago I lived in cheap dodgy backpackers (I hated every moment but I did it) and now my beach house comes with complimentary sparkling wine and is the size of my flat back home! This simple boy from outback the still prefers a bush camp in the hot dusty outback – but doing this for a few days wasn’t half bad 😀


A few random comments about random things; includes lots of exclamation points!

  • Exercise. In the Northern Territory with all the rock climbing and walking I did I felt I didn’t need much extra exercise (far too hot to run anyway). But now I have finally begun jogging (+some sit-ups and push-ups). Me running. Not a pretty sight! Think Phoebe in that FRIENDS episode where Phoebe and Rachel take up jogging. Arms and legs everywhere very much like an albatross trying to take off! I miss my bicycle!
  • Looking familiar. Someone tell me who it is I look like? If I had a dollar for everytime someone here tells me “you look so familiar”. I wonder who could possibly resemble me down here? Weird! If someone meets my clone let me know! I would like him to work for me, not run around out of control!
  • Ipods are the best thing since sliced bread. I somehow own 3 of them and use my Ipod Nano all the time!
  • That SAS airplane accident in Aalborg has been on the news here repeatedly. Looks bloody scary!

And I’ll end with a new feature: Quote of the Day:

It’s good to have an open mind but no so open that your brain falls out!

See ya soon 😀

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  1. I agree — Outback wins, but tropical island is no hardship. And a little luxury once in a while is not a bad thing.

    Also enjoyed the photos in your gallery — recognized Kuranda and Barron Falls.

    And I like the quote.

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