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I love living in Copenhagen (København to use the actual name), it is a beautiful and amazing multi-cultural city. As much as I am obsessed with Australia I think being away for 10 weeks made me realize how much I like living here (it’s just too bloody cold, need a bit of global warming in Denmark!) I love that I can just jump on my bicycle on a cold November Monday afternoon and shoot  cityscapes by the lakes:

Click to see large size on my gallery!Lake Peblinge and three ducks

I love Copenhagen but absolutely despise Winter, the cold, the darkness, the snow. I miss Australia and the heat. I have to admit though that the light and the clouds at this time of year can be absolutely fantastic, so at least Winter in Copenhagen does produce some nice photo opportunities.

In my “My Copenhagen” gallery I am trying to show you Copenhagen in a different light, Copenhagen like you have not seen it before. Compared to shooting photos while travelling I have the luxury at home to wait for just the right conditions, the right light and clouds etc. I feel the My Copenhagen gallery probably is the best of my work and defines me as a photographer. One of my plans is to one day have a “My Copenhagen” photo book published. There could be a market for that I reckon, I haven’t seen any good Copenhagen photo books yet. With a bit of luck and a lot of work my book could be under every Christmas tree in 2008! Imagine a high quality book of immaculately printed Copenhagen cityscapes like this one:

Click to see large size on my gallery!Lake Peblinge reflections

You would definitely want to buy this book, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Hi, i am from UK and seeing how everyone goes on about London or New York, i think the best place to live on earth has to be Copenhagen, since i have relatives there and they tell me how good their city is, i would love to settle there, my dad and my uncles were there during their childhood and tell me how wonderful a country denmark is. The problem i have is, i dont speak the language and i may have a problem holding a regular place in employment, if i do decide to move, would it become boring over time, cause i come from a very busy city and has many places to eat and see

  2. Hi Malik. Copenhagen is a super nice place to live (for about 7 months of the year), if only we had a sub-tropical climate it would be perfect for me. Can't bloody stand the 5 dark months from November to April.
    Danish will be a bit hard to learn but everyone here speaks English so at least you won't be totally lost.
    I can't know if you'll find it boring over time. Compared to Sydney or London Copenhagen is a small city but there's lots of stuff happening. Guess there's only one way to find out 🙂

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