My Australia 2007 tour – stats, facts and the Best Of

I reckon it’s a good time to look back and post a bit of stats, facts and “best of” from my Australia trip. It’s a good time because Copenhagen is presently stuck in the world of Gray where all light and colour is absorbed by a black hole in the universe…so I’m escaping into my journals from Australia and photos like these from the red centre:

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The best of…

  • Best tour and place: Hawk Dreaming tour by Aussie Adventures, nothing comes close, nothing ever will. My very own private tour in the unique spectacular closed-off Hawk Dreaming area of Kakadu National Park with the best landscapes and aboriginal art I’ve seen in Kakadu. Add to that the brilliant guide Andy, great caretakers Michael and Alicia at the bush camp. It was just perfect and have spoiled all future tours for me!
  • Best road music: Johnny Cash – driving through the bush and listening to country is a perfect match (and I admit I prefer Cash to Aussie country like Slim Dusty or John Williamson). Powderfinger also goes down really well with the outback.
  • Best TV-show: The Chasers War on Everything. Brilliant.
  • Best photo: I couldn’t possible pick just one photo, so you pick one from my gallery!
  • Best non-Aussie accent: The fantastic people I met from Tennessee in Cairns. Think Forrest Gump in the rainforest!
  • Best sunset: A tie between Mindil Beach and Lamington National Park
  • Best car: Toyota Landcruiser 4WD on the Hawk Dreaming tour…what a fantastic car (so happy we broke our first vehicle so we got this!)
  • Best flight: helicopter flight over Uluru and Kata Tjuta
    (I WANT a helicopter!)
  • Best venomous snake: Western Brown Snake because I actually saw one in Kakadu!
  • Best gallery: Ric J. Steininger in Cairns, amazing photographs, amazing staff (Hi Jenn!)
  • Best place: Uluru and Kata Tjuta and the entire red desert of central Australia. Feels like home to me!

Stats and facts

  • Trip length: 70 days
  • Number of photos shot: 3108 (some shoot this in a week, but I don’t shoot heaps of each scene, so it’s a lot for me)
  • Number of blog posts: 22
  • Number of days where I didn’t shoot a single photo: 8, but 5 of those were days with nothing but transportation (flying or driving to a new place) so really only 3 days (what the hell did I do those 3 days?)
  • Equipment problems: Only one major failure really, the day my Canon 5D didn’t recognize any memory cards (and I subsequently had a heart attack). A reset (removing battery) did the trick fortunately.
    Minor failures: broke my Sony GPS. My left foot gave up during the last week. My left shoulder now hates my camera shoulder-bag.
  • Number of spots on sensor: far too many to count! Switching lenses in the desert doesn’t help 😀 Anything shot at f/11 and f/16 looks like I sneezed on the sensor and needs a lot of cloning work to remove spots!
  • Stuff I forgot at home: Somehow I managed to forget to bring the lens hood for my 17-40mm f/4 L lens at home and I’ve used that lens every day. Bugger! Oh well, not the worst lens hood to forget. At 17 mm on a full frame camera a lens hood makes very little difference anyway, the field of view is so huge.
  • Number of Coke Zeros consumed: countless!
  • Number of times I fell over while trying to exercise: don’t ask!
  • Song that got stuck in my head for the longest time:
    “KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See” – that song is ridiculously catchy!
  • Most mosquitoes: Wilsons Point in Brisbane was the surprising winner. Got absolutely eaten alive while photographing at dusk. And remember…”There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded mosquito!”

And…more Australia posts and photos to come when I make time for it…
Rightyo – back to work and dreaming up the next trip!

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  1. Hi Pink, and thanks! If you mean lens filters I only use one and I use it a lot – a Hoya pro polarizer filter.

    If you mean digital filters like in Photoshop I do all my work in the RAW development process in Rawshooter Premium. I adjust traditional things like white balance, black and white point, saturation, contrast, fill light – traditional darkroom techniques. I don't do mega post processing with filters etc. in Photoshop.

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