Happy Xmas, new year, new day and new second!

I never got around to posting a Merry Christmas post, so a belated Merry Xmas, hope you had a great chrissy! Here’s my Christmas postcard, click to see it:

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I don’t really believe in new years eve (or birthdays for that matter), it’s a new year every day every second and going from 2007 to 2008 is just simple arithmetic in the Gregorian calendar that a lot of us utilize.

However – I guess this day is as good a day as any to pause, reflect, get philosophical, out with the old and in with the new, – and drink and eat far too much 😀

2007 proved to be some year for me to say the least, a big old dream and plan was actually implemented: quitting my day job, going on a photo odyssey in Australia for 10 weeks, getting back and now living, eating and breathing photography – working full time on getting my photo company Flemming Bo Jensen Photography up and running! 2008 has quite a bit to try and live up to but it cannot disappoint, it’s going to be extremely exciting!

On this last day of 2007 before we add one to the year counter (year_counter++; – if I remember C correctly 😀 ) I would like to wish everyone a great and happy 2008 and thanks for everything in 2007! Have a fun and safe new years eve!

I don’t have any New Years photos to post, so I’ll end with this dusk panorama from Hawk Dreaming, Kakadu National Park, Australia. I miss it so much, would love to spend new years here (click to see large size):

Click to see large size on my gallery!

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