A digital rangefinder…a digital compact camera with SLR quality…it’s actually coming! (although it’s not quite a rangefinder). Remember my post about a digital compact worth owning? Well as far as I am concerned there still is no digital compact worth owning but…the Sigma DP1 is almost here after a truckload of delays!

The Sigma DP1 now looks like this without the viewfinder (picture from dpreview.com) and really is pocket-sized:


It will quite possibly be a bit of a revolution in digital imaging! A pocket size camera with a Sigma SD14 Foveon sensor giving you SLR quality images is no small feat!

It’s absolutely perfect as a backup camera and a camera for discreet street photography and situations where it’s not practical to bring your DSLR + 5 kilos worth of lenses, gear, tripods etc.

DPreview.com has heaps more info:

Price of the DP1 confirmed at 550 UK pounds

Sigma DP1 beta picture gallery

Sigma announces Spring 2008 release date for DP1

The official Sigma DP1 website: http://www.sigma-dp1.com/

A Flickr gallery showing you photos of the DP1 – notice how small it actually is.

Someday soon Canon will announce a successor to the 5D and of course I’ll buy that, it’ll hopefully have the 14-bit 21 megapixel sensor from the the 1dsMkIII – but this Sigma camera is the one I’m really excited about!
I want one of these before my next photo trip!


3 thoughts on “Sigma DP1 – it's real and almost here!

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  1. Ranjay Mitra 13 years ago

    While everyones moving forward, I tend to retrace back to TLRs. Last week I was looking for Seagull TLR (now available for about 130 USD) in New York, New and completely warranted.


  2. Flemming Bo Jensen 13 years ago

    Nice gallery! I'm sorta dedicated to the digital format now so the only film cameras I would buy would be panoramic – Hasselblad Xpan and my dream camera, a 6x17cm pano camera!

  3. Yves 13 years ago

    I am waiting for this camera just as you! This looks like the first pocketable camera worth shooting quality shots with. I was so impressed with the sharpness and file quality of the dpreview shots, although a bit less about some tone shifts towards yellow. Hopefully this is only due to the beta nature of the camera.