portfolio-blog I recently created a Portfolio & Testimonials page on my gallery. It is a portfolio, a scrapbook if you will, showing you a selected few examples of how my photos have been used by customers. A big thank you to the kind customers who chose to send in photos and testimonials. Click the thumbnail on the right to go to the page.

An interesting recent sale was a 8 x 2.4 meter wide print of Sydney Opera House to the newly opened Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark. If you’re in the Aalborg area, my print is shown in the opening exhibition running from now to 10th of September 2008 so make sure you stop by the Utzon Center and check out my mega print!


2 thoughts on “Portfolio scrapbook online

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  1. jAMES 12 years ago

    I had to read twice. Was that 8m x 2.4m, now thats large. Then I had a look at the photo.

  2. Flemming Bo Jensen 12 years ago

    Yeah an 8 meter wide print, 2.4 meters tall! I haven't seen the finished product yet I'll see it in a few weeks and will be very interesting.