An Observer's view of Sydney

I sometimes feel claustrophobic and stressed walking around Sydney. Not enough sense of space not enough  breathing room. Too many people. It is too big a city for me to actually be in; as always I am much more comfortable photographing and observing from a distance. In every city I instantly need to find spots with few people where I can see the horizon and observe from a distance.

Fortunately Sydney provides some very good spots to escape from the chaos and shoot some photos of one of most beautiful and picturesque harbours in the world. The Botanic Gardens is a perfect spot to escape and get a nice view; Kirribilli is another. Sitting directly opposite the city watching the sun rise or set is a lovely peaceful experience and a perfect place for Observers like me. And one of the best views of Sydney you will find and this is where we get to a panorama I recently dug out of the archives and stitched together:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Sydney Skyline at Sunset Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

This panorama is stitched in PTgui from 4 horizontal raw files developed in Rawshooter; then polished in Photoshop. I had originally planned for this post to feature a complete and detailed run through of how I take the above panorama from 4 separate raw files to a final stitched panorama in PTgui and then apply the finishing touches in Photoshop.

Alas; not enough time in my world this particular Friday. So for now enjoy this view of Sydney and my next article will feature the Observer’s stitching tutorial!

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  1. Yes, its interesting this post about feeling claustrophobic and stress from a place. When this happens to me, i can't really photography well. It just so happens that no one is around in the morning and thats the time I produce my best photos. Even at sunset, I find too many people.

    Sometime though, I wonder why it is I am dependent on no people being around to feel free and relaxed. Perhaps thats too deep.

  2. For me at least it comes with being an introvert 🙂 I have picked up the ultimate introvert superpower though, the skill of shutting everything out and focus on getting the shot even if there are many people at sunset. I do much prefer shooting when it's just me and the landscape.

  3. The city centre with all its tall buildings and shadows can be a bit claustrophobic, I agree, but I don't think that the whole of Sydney is claustrophobic. Circular Quay and places where all the tourists hang out, yes, but there are many great great spots around that are less crowded, and it makes one feel as if one is not in a big city at all. I can show you! 🙂

  4. Nice shot Flemming ,
    Heading over to Sydney next month have the Sydney Opera house and bridge of my list of place to shot .
    Yeah Im the same about busy place Perth is busy enough for me . Havent been to Sydney yet but Melbourne was too busy to live in when i was there on holiday so be intersting to see what Sydneys like

  5. If you thought Melbourne was bad Kirk you would hate Chicago!!
    I love Melbourne since its basically my second home (along with America).
    Nice stuff Flemming

  6. Yeah the trams do clean up a victim every now and then. Especially the new ones which are quite enough to really sneak up on ya! I love Melbourne. I love the size but also the fact that its a big clean city as apposed to LA or NY which are covered in smog.
    Perth's great! Driving is easy, it's super clean and most of all i know it, so it's easy to get any where! haha

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