I was planning to write a travelblog post tonight. Plans change. After 5 days in the super warm dry desolate and absolutely gorgeous Western Australian bush I have a pitstop in the rather lovely North West Coast Australia outback paradise called Broome. It’s a lovely warm 35 degrees and sun burns from a deep blue sky. The sun drops straight into the ocean every night on the massive and lovely Cable Beach. It’s not the worst place in the world to be…stuck!

“Feckin’ pile o’ crap” (said with an Irish accent) to quote some of my new Irish friends. I’m with the All Terrain Safari tour guided by the great Dragan who himself is a photographer. And we were leaving up the Gibb River Road on Wednesday. But our truck the poor bastard has died, imploded, gone. Can’t get new parts in Broome. Can’t get anywhere, need to figure out new plan. Stuck on the edge of the Kimberleys, can’t get in.

So in the meantime watch this gorgeous video of Kimberleys and Broome. Bungle Bungles I have seen and shot and they were spectacular. Sun dropping into the ocean on Cable Beach I will now shoot quite a few times! So watch, I’ll try and figure out my next move in the meantime and service on this channel will be resumed shortly!

Btw. Time has no meaning in the bush. You realise this as you can’t be arsed’ to feckin’ (Irish again) change clothes in the morning and don’t care if it’s day 3 or 4 for the same pair of undies since there are no showers in this universe. What’s the point in changing. It’s all gonna be dirty-stinky-sweaty anyway 😀


5 thoughts on “Broome…and now…Broome…and…Broome!

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  1. Birte 13 years ago

    We have been stuck many a times in the outback,enjoy it!Maybe you will end up being down under longer than you planned.Anyway good time to maybe get some shots you had not planned on.Have FUN!

  2. Tyger Katt 13 years ago

    So what you are actually saying is you are stuck and smelly. 😀

  3. Flemming Bo Jensen 13 years ago

    Thanks Birte!

    And Tyger….yes…stuck and smelly but hair is looking good 😀

  4. Markus 13 years ago

    Takes a real man to appreciate the feeling of freedom that unchanged undies can convey 😀

    And nothing like a few pommy showers to make you discover a whole new world of complex and compounded olfactory experiences.

    Smell ya' later, Larrikin!

    (OK, ok..I confess…never set foot down under, just good at googling: http://www.dunway.com/html/aussie_slang.html)

  5. Flemming Bo Jensen 13 years ago

    Mate, in the outback we just use "shower in a can" (known as deodorant in other parts of the world) to compliment our rich blokey smell!