Back on track, going up the Gibb River Road on Wednesday. Not the way I wanted but it’s better than nothing (I feckin’ bloody hope so!) and as lovely and paradisey tropical Broome is, it is better than staying here doing nothing. Did do some nice shooting tonight – at Gantheume Point for the people who know Broome. Sunrise on Cable Beach this morning was feckin’ lovely as well.

Over and out for at least a week; gone bush again!

PS. I’m staying at Beaches of Broome, an outstanding new backpackers in resort style right by Cable Beach. Best bit: The snake in the internet room! Didn’t get a photo unfortunately, but as I used the net this morning a small cute python entered the room, wiggled all the way across the floor and found a nice shady spot in the cable tray. I love snakes and snakes coming in to read their email – can’t beat that!


3 thoughts on “Gibb River Road and back on track

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  1. Tyger Katt 12 years ago

    You love snakes? I've had two in my house in the past few months, not cute little pythons though. Rather huge, overgrown puff adders.

    Enjoy the bush!

    PS: You really are getting the hang of the Irish lingo. 🙂

  2. Dylan Fox 12 years ago

    mate I havent been up there since i was a little kid!
    I cant wait to get back up ther for photography some time!

  3. Flemming Bo Jensen 12 years ago

    Yeah I love snakes! Not sure I would want puff adders in my house though, bit dangerous for pets! I love the Irish, Irish accents and sarcasm is a match made in heaven!

    Dylan, you gotta get up there soon man, there's no place like it in Australia!