Canon 5D Mk II – my new travelmate

On Wednesday September 17th I and my Canon 5D roamed the Australian outback covered in red dust oblivious to the fact that Canon chose this day to announce the long awaited Canon 5D Mk II.

Canon 5D Mk II. Photo copyright Canon.

The Canon 5D needs little introduction being one of the best digital SLRs ever produced and my camera of choice for more than 2½ years. I looked at the 1Ds Mk III and it’s 21 megapixel but I feel it is far too big and heavy to be a perfect landscape camera for me. I don’t need the vertical grip and want something that can fit in a backpack while exploring the outback. So I waited patiently (not an easy task) and the Canon 5D Mk II is the perfect camera for me. Some of the features I really look forward to:

  • 21.1 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS DIGIC 4 sensor with 14-bit A/D conversion (16,384 colors/each of 3 primary color).
    If this was the only new feature I would still upgrade! 21 megapixel will be brilliant for landscapes especially in those situation where I can’t stitch shots.
  • Live view. I used to question this feature but it will actually be very handy in spots where I can’t see the viewfinder: shooting from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, shooting aboriginal art on the ceiling of caves at Hawk Dreaming with the camera almost on the ground shooting straight up.
  • Sensor cleaning system. I hope this works really well, the outback is not kind to the 5D sensor and the amount of dust that gets on it is incredible. I constantly have to use my Arctic Butterfly.
  • Full HD Video capture at 1920 x 1080. I am not into shooting video at all but this will still be fun to play with.

I pre-ordered and paid deposit yesterday at Photografica in Copenhagen to ensure my new travelmate gets here asap. Full review to come!

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  1. Been waiting for this camera 🙂
    Cant wait to get mine havent pre ordered it like you but . Be egar to hear you review on the camera when you get it

  2. This will be my next upgrade too! Hopefully I have a little more money by the time it comes out. I think A new lens will certainly come first though.
    Can't get the camera if I havent got a nicer piece of glass!

  3. By the sounds of it Canon are going to sell a shit load of these cameras. So many folks looked at the 5D and wanted one bad but never went the full frame now with the mark II series it sounds like so many folks will now be switching over to full frame.

    I have no pre ordered one as with the recent Canon releases and some of the problems they have had I will wait till the camera has been on the market for a few months before looking at ordering one. Will I of load my current 5D, very hard question, its proven to be such an outstanding camera it could be like parting with a dear old travel friend, together we have seen so much. But we'll see I guess.

    Just saw your stunning new image on Pbase when are you loading it to this blog?

  4. Hi Neal. It's hard to judge how much of the hype will be transformed into sales but yes it does sound like Canon will sell truckloads of 5D Mk II.

    I'll keep my 5D Mk I and use it as backup camera to the Mk II when I travel (always bring 2 cameraes!) and retire my old 20D to backup-backup duties 😀

    New images coming as soon as I write the story 🙂 It's a blog so I always feel a story should go with my photos.

  5. Flemming, Liveview is all I use on the 40D, why use so much energy cloing an eye and squinting, when its all on a 3" screen in front of you.

    I will see what the prices will be in Australia first, especially with our AUD currency situation, might wait until next financial and set it up with a 24-70mm f2.8.

    I look forward to your review.

  6. Hi Thomas, good point – I cannot shoot handheld without a good viewfinder, but for photography from a tripod I guess the liveview is actually a brilliant addition. Look forward to trying it out.

    As for lenses, unless you need 2.8 then get the 24-105mm instead in my opinion.

  7. Hi guys do you know of anyone that actually has one of these cameras, everyone seems to be waiting for them, i want to read a review from somone that has actually got a produciotn model in their sticky little hands and knows enough to tell us all if its as good as the 5d and more,
    best Jez
    ps i really really want one as i have been using a 10d for 5 years and really need to upgrade, and then i have to wait 6 months for an underwater housing, life sucks

  8. Jez, I haven't seen any reviews of production models yet – you'll have to wait a bit longer I reckon. I've only seen some previews based on beta models. Reviews of production models will probably not appear before the release date.

    No one knows the release date, I keep hearing late November from most sources so that is what I expect now. The manual for the 5D mk II has been released and is available on the Canon USA site and that is usually a good indicator that the camera is only a few weeks off.

  9. I got mine on Nov 29th and have not had a ton of time to use it.. but have shot a few pictures with it and love it so far.. I shoot a wedding next weekend with with it..

  10. Lucky you Bill, I am still waiting for mine and it appears I'll have to wait quite a few weeks yet before Canon Denmark gets any delivered. Let us know how ya go at the wedding!

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