I am developing all the RAW files from Hawk Dreaming as no. 1 priority. I want to get all the landscape and aboriginal art shots to Dwane from the Djabulukgu Association Inc  as quickly as possible; to reassure him I am definitely a man of my words and honour my end of the agreement! You will hardly find any other photographers with photos from Hawk Dreaming and I am very happy and privileged to have been allowed to shoot there.

Hawk Dreaming has some large open floodplains so it is possible to shoot some very isolated subjects with a horizon far far away. This is shot with just a bit of dusk light left and I like doing these sort of arty simple compositions. Simple compositions are the hardest to achieve, isolating subjects in the natural chaos of nature takes a lot of searching.

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Pandanus Palm Glow at Dusk
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

I previously blogged about watching dawn and sunrise from a rock shelter and the next shot is the sun just making it’s appearance on the hazy stage. I used a 2 stop (I need to get a 4 stop) ND grad filter, without it the foreground would be pitch black. It may look a bit dark at small size but the larger version is clearer. It was still very dark as the haze and mist softened the sun and I want the picture to reflect this.

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Sunrise over Cannon Hill
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

This is just a taste of the upcoming hundreds shots that Hawk Dreaming provided me and yet I could easily go back and shoot many more in this awesome place.

It is a Hawk and Photographer Dreaming! It’s very easy to escape into the screen while developing these shots.


5 thoughts on “Developing a Hawk Dreaming

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  1. Wayne 13 years ago

    Nice photos Bo it must have been a surreal experience being there

  2. tonymiddleton 13 years ago

    very nice photos Flem ! well done ! I'd love to comment further but it's been an arduous week…

  3. Flemming Bo Jensen 13 years ago

    Hi Wayne, thanks and yes it was a surreal and magical experience!

    Hey Tone and thanks very much and no worries, always enjoy your comments. Hope your weekend is a bit better!

  4. Stephen Williams 13 years ago

    really like the first image Flem.
    the light is great and the complete openness behind the palms express the area very nicely

  5. Flemming Bo Jensen 13 years ago

    Thanks Stephen, yeah I love the openness of the first one as well. Expresses the feeling of standing on a huge wide open flood plain.