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Xmas has come early at FBJ HQ. Today I have launched a new Fun&Free page on my site presently featuring free high quality wallpapers for your computer screen! Yes it’s all free for you dear reader, gratis, no charge!

Choose from 10 wallpapers in 6 sizes featuring everything from the Great Barrier Reef to Copenhagen to a majestic African elephant on old grainy film.

I want you to fully enjoy these gorgeous images so I am making them available in very high quality and large image sizes with no visible watermark. In return please honour the copyright notice and only use these images for personal use and for computer wallpaper only!

Click here for wallpaper heaven:


You can’t beat something for free in these tough financially challenged times so click here and enjoy free Flemming Bo Jensen wallpapers!

17 Comments on “Free Wallpapers”

  1. Merry Christmas, Flemming. Thanks for the wallpaper. I will use the Australia – Outback photo as my wallpaper for a while.

    PS. I have a new blog up at if you want to change my link in your blog roll.


  2. Always miss Copenhagen around Christmas time,I have chosen your Copenhagen snow one,beautiful shot.Have a nice X,mas Flemming.

  3. OOooh, thanks Flemming. Copenhagen's on mine, since it's the cloest i'll ever get to it.

    But i downloaded the Australia Outback one, cause it's still what keeps me going 🙂

  4. man you just like to hammer home that your a nice guy don't you! 😛
    is this because we're not from Denmark…so don't know what you're really like…haha…although you do have a avator very similar to a serial killer in that movie you showed. maybe i shouldn't push your buttons…

    well we're sitting here in near 40deg C so that snow looks pretty damn nice right now 🙂 will get it on Monday i think when I have actual internet (not this dark age crap I get when i'm home) thanks!! i love the spires piercing the sky. so different to the architecture i'm used to seeing!

    and thanks for pointing out that mag too. was a great help. pretty cool article and images from Ken Duncan too, bonus. and now I see Mr Fletcher has one this month…so back I go 🙂

    i hope you're not packing up for xmas already and we'll see some more photos/posts before then though 🙂

  5. Thanks very much Stephen 😀 It's only 'cos ya don't know me hehe!

    Hey I'll swap your 40 degrees for some Danish Winter (although no snow yet but it's bleeding cold!). I agree the architecture is lovely.

    I'm a subscriber of Better Photography so look forward to seeing Fletch in there, perhaps some actual Kimberley landscapes from him instead of sheeps in dark settings 🙂

    And no worries, more stuff to come, not packing up anything for xmas – just that my post about Purnululu is taking a long time to write!

  6. some wonderful images Flemming ! Would you believe my favourite of these is the outback/Kimberley one ? Just the tones and that rugged landscape make it a winner for me !

  7. some great shots there mate ,
    Merry christmas to you also
    My favourite would be the Australian outback love them bushs over the red dirt

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