Merry Xmas – God Jul!

I would like to wish all of you a merry xmas –hanukkah – etc – however you celebrate this holiday I hope you and your loved ones have a great time! A special season greetings to my customers, it has been a pleasure selling photos to you! Incidentally, “God Jul” is of course Danish for Merry Xmas, bit of language schooling for my dear readers today!

My Xmas present to you is still my free wallpapers, you can even get yourself a snow covered Copenhagen:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Wallpaper – Snowy Copenhagen from above 
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Photografica called a few hours ago and I just picked up my early Xmas “present” – Canon 5D Mk II! Expect a couple of reports from me in a few weeks, if we ever get some sun in this dark bleak place!

16 Comments on “Merry Xmas – God Jul!”

  1. Kære Flemming.

    Mange tak og i lige måde!

    Tak for de dejlige wallpapers. Pt. prydes mit virtuelle skrivebord af den dejligste hvedemark fra (vist) Mors og fra dit kamera.


  2. Merry Chritmas Flemming , Best wishes for 2009 , look foward to seeing what your new images in the new year

  3. Merry Christmas and good health and prospects in the New Year, Flemming. The new Christmas present promises all of us in blogland more of your wonderful pictures? Looking forward to my armchair travels with you in 2009. G

  4. “God Jul” Flem … Cool you've gone the mrk II as well. Look forward to seeing your pics … remember you dont need light for the mrk II so get out there and get us some cool snow pics. Or at least Danish women 😉

  5. Happy Christmas Flemming,
    I also look forward to the results of the 5D MKII.
    Forecast indicates it will be a balmy 32 degrees tomorrow. Nice and warm.
    Hopefully 2009 is a prosperous one for Flemming Bo Jensen Photography.

    PS, got the outback wallpaper, hopefully it will inspire me to travel north soon.


  6. Merry Christmas and all the best for the festive season Flemming !

    "God Jul" What is the pronounciation on that ? I'll have to use that tomorrow as there will be 50% danish people at my mum's house ! We are being invaded by Copenhagenites…My brother in law's brother (whatever that technically makes him to me..) and his partner are out to Aust for a few weeks…So we'll be playing tour guide a bit I think..

    I'm sure you will get much use and enjoyment from your mkII mate. 🙂

    cheers !

  7. Kære Hanne, mange tak! Hvedemarken er fra outback Sjælland etllerandet sted 🙂

    Rod, thanks mate!

    Kirk, cheers, you too!

    Case, you too mate!

    Suburbanlife, thanks very much! Should be lots of 5D Mk II stories and photos from me in 2009, Africa and Australia calls me!

    Neal, will try mate 🙂

    Tom, thanks very much mate!

    Tony, thanks heaps mate same to you! "God jul" is pronounced something like "Go' yule" and not "go" as in "go away" but a short sharp "go". I am sure the Copenhageners will have heaps of fun trying to teach you this 🙂

    Beau, cheers mate, you too!

  8. well that's the closest we'll get to a white xmas I think Flem!! still love that shot of yours.

    all the best for you as well, hope you have a good xmas. and definitely can't wait to see what you get with your new weapon there. gona be awesome viewing I reckon! 🙂

    take care!!

  9. Thanks heaps Christian and merry xmas to you too mate. That snow covered Copenhagen at sunset photo is quite special, happens maybe every 3 or 5 years. Maybe this Jan I'll get to shoot it again with the new 5D !

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