New Angels on New Albion – aka Sydney

I have to apologise for not blogging much for the past month. I have ideas for articles and tutorials but haven’t found inspiration. Time has somehow slipped through my fingers, and winter depression kills my otherwise strong urge to write. So I’ll just stick to sharing a few photos this week and am even reusing a title and a few of the photos, talk about writers block!

Sydney was originally named New Albion which works with New Angles as a title – and I am always looking for new angles. I have visited Sydney 5 times and this gorgeous city always offers new light and new opportunities. Here’s a few from my visit in September 2008. The first two shots are from across the bridge (obviously!) at Kirribilli Point, a superb spot for sunrise. It is a wonderful feeling to stand in a city of millions at 5am in the morning witnessing first light – with not a single soul anywhere! Just you and the light, as if you’re part of this big secret and no one else is awake to know this is the best and most beautiful part of the day!

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

First Light in Sydney
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Morning in Sydney
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay in duotone
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Finally; as you get to know a place your images always improve and I reckon I made my favourite Sydney image ever on this, my 5th visit, and I think I even succeeded in capturing a New Angle on New Albion:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Sydney Opera House and Cityscape from Harbour Bridge
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

The story behind this shot is here and a few more new Sydney shots are in my Sydney gallery. Enjoy the photos as I will work on unblocking the writer block!

16 Comments on “New Angels on New Albion – aka Sydney”

  1. Love the bottom two shots. For me, all city shots should be done at dusk or night with all the lights. Not great for the planet having all of those lights on for the co2’s, however I love rolling into Melbourne in the eveing and seeing the lights.

    I recall walking through Kings Cross one day and it was dead, came back from a party after midnight and it was insane the amout of people around. A very diverse city.

  2. it is a special city Flemming, i enjoyed my time there, even when they decided to change the lanes on the bridge from the morning to afternoon shift. That threw me. One day I could drive up a certain way the next morning it was a no go. You could imagine how this country boy got a little confused!

  3. The bottom photograph is also my fav from this bunch, and it sounds like you had a tricky time trying to get it, which makes it that little bit more special.

    I quite like the pink tones in the second photo, too.

  4. I can relate to your writers block and lacking time/inspiration for it does not help…

    All are wonderful images of Sydney and It’s hard to pick favourites but I think I like the first and last ones best.

    cheers, (-:

  5. I love the bottom photograph the most mate! Perfect in my eyes!

    I haven't been blogging much either although there are few posts up, mainly cause I havent been shooting much as i still havent gotten over the novelty of my new car!

  6. Christian, heh, changing lanes, didn’t know about that. I am so much a country boy I only walk or drive tractors 🙂

    Thomas, thanks. I agree the lights are very pretty I reckon most people think that. A lot of energy waste though!

    Beau, thanks, the last shot is also a very big favourite of mine and was tough to get (which doesn’t make the picture itself any better, good story though)

    Tony thanks mate, glad you like them. The first and last are my favourites of the four as well.

    Dylan thanks! New car, congrats, glad I’m not on foot or on bicyle in the greater Perth area now 🙂

    Michael, thanks very much mate.

  7. the black white is great Flem!
    and still like your shot from the bridge.

    and yeah you’re right, how you got the photo doesn’t make the image itself better, but it makes it a lot more satisfying personally I find. it’s always a nice feeling when it works. 🙂

  8. Brad, thanks very much!

    Stephen, thanks mate! And yeah I agree, the stories are great, one always have to remember though that the viewer doesn’t know the stories and only judge the photo on it’s own merit.

  9. nice shots again mate ,
    Headin back over there again in Febuary hopefully there will be some better light this time
    I like the bottom one best as well different angle to the norm you see ever day

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