New business cards with a Moo twist

Flemming Bo Jensen Photography - back side of business card It is exciting times to be running a photography business as there are so many online printing services enabling you to put your photos on just about everything. Last week I blogged about my book, this week I feature my new custom double sided business cards – with a Moooooo twist!

I recently had a new batch of 200 business cards printed at You can get business cards printed everywhere, but comes with a twist (and a funny name!) They allow you to use up to 50 different images for the front page of the double sided cards. Works extremely well for a photography card as you can turn your business cards into a small portfolio! For my latest batch I did 20 different designs + a full size graphic for the reverse side and had 10 of each design printed. The 200 cards come in a nice package:

Flemming Bo Jensen Photography - business cards

My previous business card batch was from mid last year and featured 25 different images on 100 cards and were a great success. The cards work heaps better than your average business card. With these card I hand over the box or fan out the cards, tell people to have a look and choose the card they like the most. I find people then really get into it, browse and look at every card taking their time to decide, wanting to know the story behind the photos etc. I reckon and hope  this means they remember me and my photos – I certainly used up the 100 cards last year very quickly!

I highly recommend the Moo custom business cards. The print is of excellent quality, sharp and accurate colours. Photoshop templates are available to download to help you design the front and back image. The paper is nice and heavy with a semi-gloss finish and looks and feel professional as a business card should. Service and delivery times are brilliant. I’m a Moo fan!

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