Perfect Moment

Once in a blue moon I experience a perfect moment and I wish I could freeze time. A moment where it all clicks; all the elements come together and create a touch of magic. The real challenge is capturing this and creating an image that brings a viewer into this moment. It’s part of why I love landscape photography so much; I want to show people how magical and truly stunning nature can be. I want to capture these moments and have you experience them!

This particular moment lasted at least an hour; from pre-dawn to full daylight at Hawk Dreaming in Kakadu National Park. I’ve blogged about this sunrise before, it was the most magical of mornings producing many wonderful images. I recently dug another shot out of the archives and processed it. It is an image with a bit of a painterly style; with the many layers from clouds to mist and the many soft tones of the morning light. As you view it, know that you as the viewer are all alone in the world, standing at sacred Hawk Dreaming looking out over the huge floodplains. It’s just you and nature at it’s finest and most magical, no civilisation, no people, no distractions. Just pure Dreaming!

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Layers of Sunrise at Hawk Dreaming
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

This is an old-school single shot composition, something I enjoy shooting very much. Stitched images are a great way to increase the pixel count and I try to shoot as many panos as possible to maximise the amount of pixels. You never know when a customer might like a particular image printed at 2 meters wide and then it’s nice to know there’s enough pixels for great detail. Still; there’s a difference between a detailed shot and a great shot and I love single shots, I love composing right in the viewfinder and I try not to worry too much about pixel peeping and pixel counting. I have enough to worry about trying to capture a great photo!

To get the most out of these perfect moments I try and ‘sketch’ the scene using different compositions, different focal lengths, different positions and shoot horizontal and vertical. I don’t machine gun the camera, I take my time to make each composition count (going through 500 very similar images in Lightroom is very boring) but I do want to try and freeze the moment and the magic by capturing many different shots. I can then only hope that one of them works and takes you there and lets you experience the perfect moment.

4 Comments on “Perfect Moment”

  1. Very moody image Flem. The softness of the colour palette and the image has a very calming feel to it.
    I know what you mean about wishing you could freeze those special moments in time,light and life…just to behold them longer.


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