Kimberley Photography Tour 2009 with All Terrain 4WD Safaris

Are you looking for a one of a kind photography tour designed by photographers for photographers, and a true outback experience, sleeping under the stars, driving on the Gibb River Road through the famous Kimberley region of Western Australia? Then jump on the Kimberley Photography Tour 2009 departing on 29th of April 2009 with All Terrain 4WD Safaris:


I know the managing director (he’s also a photographer) of All Terrain 4wd Safaris. We’re hoping this will be the first of many photography tours. I have travelled with All Terrain, and I very much recommend them and so feature this little ad and recommendation on my blog today. All Terrain offer true outback adventures, and visit places like the Mitchell Plateau, Tanami Desert and Wolfe Creek where no one else goes.

I had a hand in creating the itinerary for this photo tour and as you will see on the tour page, a few of my Kimberley photos are featured. Your official photography hosts on the tour will be the very experienced and great local photographers Peta North and Nigel Gaunt – but with a bit of luck and a spare seat (or roof space!) you may also have the pleasure (?!) of having yours truly on board! See ya’ on the Gibb River Road with All Terrain 4WD Safaris!

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    1. Yeah, will be some job trying to control 10 photogs, worse than a Kindergarten 😀

      One could easily use months but to keep the cost down it has to be a realistitc number of days, something people can afford. It would be great to run all the back to Broome from Kununurra and include Purnululu but again, that would add 6-8 more days to the trip.

  1. What a great idea. So many other worldwide destinations run photography tours, it's about time people started doing them here.

    The kicker for me for photo tours is the prices… for the price of that 10 day tour, i could lounge around up there for about 6-8 weeks, assuming I had enough annual leave to do so…

    Then again, i wouldn't get to stop every kilometre i guess 😉

    1. That's what I've been thinking, why are there so few photo tours in Australia, must be a market for it and I hope there is!

      Compared to other photo tour this one is very fairly priced, look at Light & Land for example, super expensive. I know it's expensive compared to doing it on your own, but if you're coming say from overseas with a limited amount of days off it's a brilliant way to see and shoot the Kimberley with photo guides to show you all the great spots and help you with your photography.

  2. Looks great Flemming… hope you get the bookings.

    Charlene jump on line and see what it costs to hire a car up there, let a lone a 4WD and they charge you by the km as well. It's crazy. I'd love to head up there but the car hire is the killer. That's why the price is high.

    1. Thanks very much Matt, yeah really hoping for some bookings!

      I think to hire 4WDs may be up to 200$ a day + fuel, or maybe more I'm not quite sure. So it does get expensive as well, but then nothing is cheap in Broome!

  3. Matt & Flemming,
    You're both right. A lot of stuff is pretty expensive up there, including the camping at some sites.

    Best of luck with this Flemming. For all my griping, i wish i was going. Can't think of a better destination to run a photography tour.

    1. Thanks very much Charlene! And I agree about the destination, Kimberley is perhaps my favourite places in all of Australia, tied with Hawk Dreaming maybe and the Red Centre of NT

  4. Flemming,

    Looks like a great tour. I priced doing it myself last year, it isn't cheap. Also, you do get the advantage of the experience of the people that know the place, the good spots to setup, etc, that's worth something because when doing it on your own, you end up having to do a lot of scouting, which can be half the fun too 🙂

    Hope to get up to the Kimberley next year.


    1. Hi André and thanks. The benefits of a tour like this, if you know nothing of Australia or Kimberley you get very knowledgeable and experienced photographers to take you to all the great spots at the right time.

  5. All photo tours are super expensive. They look great, but I couldn't afford that sort of cost. I really wonder who spends money on these things, but I guess there must be a market somewhere.

    I reckon I could do it much cheaper, but I guess if want to get chauffered around with guides, you need to pay for it.

    1. James, there's a market for these tours, so hopefully a big market in Australia as well. I reckon it's a brilliant way for people interested in photography to travel. Although I agree, some of them are too expensive as they stay in mega expensive resorts etc.

  6. James, Tom Putts course is $3995 for the four days. You were looking at the price just to bring your partner.

    With all courses you are also paying for the instructors that will be teaching you as well.

  7. Very good idea Flemming, but I think you will have a hard time selling it to aussies.Its a shame the yanks are in an economic depression.Otherwise they would be hopping on this one.But they are ones to sell this to.

    1. Thanks very much Birte. It doesn't have to be Aussies, I reckon many potential clients would be people from overseas and hopefully there's still some left with a bit of travel money 🙂

  8. Good luck Flemming in getting the amount of people you need for your trip, I will miss you by about a week as I leave Katherine on the 17th May and come back on the 19th June. But I am sure you will see some amazing places on your trip along the Gibb River. I am taking 10 days myself to do the same trip, so I hope its enough. But I wont have 10 photographers with me, just one. Anyway enjoy the trip and I am sure it will be a great experience for you and all who join you.

  9. great idea Flem.
    i'm sure it would work very well.
    i'm in the same boat as everyone else…no money 😛

    i'm with you though Charlene, when you have the vehicle to do all this yourself it is alot more money friendly. the experience of the whole thing would be great though, learning from experienced photographers is something not easily come across.
    but yeah, i can have weeks away with that money. tis why i got my beast 🙂

    i'm sure it will work well though, it's perfect for people who are unable to easily get into these remote locations.

  10. This is from Dragan Malesic, manager of All Terrain:

    "Feedback looks good, thanks everyone.

    The target audience for this product is for international clients and high end camera clubs from OZ with limited time.

    Majority of the cost of this tour is the photographers and our major difference is two photographers not just one.!

    I say to everyone, If you hire or buy a cheap car (or use your own) and travel the region for 2-3 months, that is the best way to capture the spirit of this land and exploring the region at your pace and with your own thoughts is such a magical thing!"

    1. Merv, no it's All Terrain Safaris doing everything, not my tour. I just helped my mate Dragan the manager with the itinerary etc. and will also hopefully be on board the tour; teaching straighten your horizon to everyone! 😀

  11. Hi, Im looking to do a photography tour of the Kimberlies in 2010 but I would prefer 14+days.
    aah well you never know I may just see you on your tour. Sounds like an awsome experience.
    Cheers Lex

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