I am quite pleased with how my updated profile turned out and wanted to share the text with you as a post on the blog, so here goes. Thanks to Casey for the profile photo, Signe for helping with the writing.

Artist’s Statement

Imagine sitting in a large rock cave having climbed 30 meters up a cliff. You look out over the wide open floodplains offering a timeless panoramic view. No roads, no power lines, no people. You look down and feel the grind holes in the rock from thousands of years of grinding paint and food. You turn around and study the rock walls, graced by aboriginal art 40 to 60 thousand years old.

You breathe. You take it all in.

No signs, no fences, no people. No sounds. Just you and the power of Hawk Dreaming, country of the Bunitj clan in Kakadu National Park, Australia. You look out again and watch the sun rising, awakening the World…awakening you. In this moment there is nothing to distract you; no filter between you and the spirit of the landscape, the power of nature.

This is my passion! To travel the world and visit remote places of untouched beauty. I am in constant search of breathtaking landscapes in wide open spaces. To capture these magical places bathed in extraordinary light and later present them as high quality fine art prints.

Most people will never visit these places and I hope to share with you how magical and beautiful nature is, to transport you to my world through my images and let you experience these moments. It is also my hope that my images will convey what I have learned on my travels: that we need to preserve the wild, untouched places remaining in the world. I know I am not alone in desperately needing the wilderness in an increasingly industrialised and urbanised world.

Biography – Finding My Path

My love for nature and the outdoors comes from growing up on a farm in rural Denmark. Even as a child I loved the countryside, loved being outside, loved the wide open spaces. I did however end up with an education in IT and moved into the alien environment of the city of Copenhagen. I worked there for years as head of an IT-department for the Danish Government.

Having not travelled much in my life, my love for travelling developed slowly as I discovered that there was a large, exciting world out there to be seen, experienced, and captured, and that it was in fact possible to go anywhere. My love for photography emerged as a means to fulfil my need for a way to capture the magic of nature while travelling.

My career in IT was going very well but I felt ready for a change. A new path. The wilderness was calling me, and I began to wonder whether it was possible to combine my love of nature with photography and travelling thereby creating a life and making a living. Dream soon became necessity, and after a couple of years of planning and preparation I resigned my job in 2007 and travelled around Australia shooting photos every day. Returning home 10 weeks later – passionately convinced this was my new path – I immediately began working on starting my own photography business, Flemming Bo Jensen Photography.

The year 2009 is proving to be a milestone for this path. After 84 days of travelling and photography assignments in Namibia, Australia, Malaysia and Borneo, I am now fully committed to a life on the road. The internet makes it possible to live a life and run a business anywhere, so I am selling my flat. My new home will be the road.

Christopher McCandless had the right idea when he wrote that “principal joy of life comes from new experiences”, and I am extremely excited about new experiences, new horizons, new photos. Into The Wild. You can follow my adventures on my photo blog.

Photographic Vision

My images are often in a panoramic format as this is how I see the world. I like my images to have an open and timeless composition where the imagination is free to wander and the viewer is unaware of both the camera and the photographer’s position. My way of creating an otherworldly look and feel to my images ensures that there is nothing familiar to take you out of the image and back to everyday reality. I am particularly attracted to wide open spaces and see a deep ethereal beauty in remote, desolate, arid places. I hope you will experience the same beauty and be captivated by nature through my eyes.

Equipment and software

I use the full frame Canon 5D Mk II DSLR camera and various Canon L lenses. I shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 to develop images. Digital photography and the digital darkroom are incredibly powerful and fascinating but like all tools they have to be used carefully.

I use digital post production to make my photos more accurately reflect the scene as I saw it, felt it, and experienced it. In digital post production I do what has always been done in traditional darkrooms: I adjust exposure, saturation, white balance, correct any colour cast, do dodging and burning, and add contrast. I do not modify the visible content of the scene; I do not add or remove content like clouds, cars, people, animals or people. I simply modify the look to make it more accurately reflect the scene and hopefully evoke an emotional response from the viewer, bringing the viewer into the image.

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    1. Hi Jamie and thanks very much, it was those words that made me post the whole text here instead of just linking to it (makes a large difference in readers).
      I figured, if it is that good, it would be a crime to keep it from folks ;D

  1. as this is my first visit to your blog, this entry was a nice -getting-to-know-you post

    i know see what you mean from grandscapes 🙂 awesome!

  2. looks great Flem, new site looks good to!
    i will check it out in more depth when i have a few moments.
    i'll be in a hungover trance tomorrow so that may be a good time 😉

  3. fantastic bio Flemming ! This si always a hard thing to write or put together and this one of yours covers every base accurately and brilliantly.

    enjoy !

    1. Hi Tony and thanks! Glad you like it so much, it was hard to write or at least it was hard to beat the dreaded blank page. Once I got started it wrote itself in a few hours, but that blank page can be frightening.

  4. Hi Flemming,

    Nice images mate! I had a look at your website and found a few of the links weren't working after i clicked on the images to enlarge.

    You might want to have a look at that!

    All good but….you certainly have a talent there!



    1. Hi Mark and welcome to my blog. Very happy you like my work!

      Yeah my host has server problems at the moment, bloody @£$@€ 🙁 So lots of broken links presently unfortunately. Should be fixed when the US wakes up.

  5. Hi Flemming
    Very interesting. I have as well been working in the IT industry for a looooong time. I have as well this dream about travelling and photography.
    I am as well on pbase and I found you because you had the same problem as I yesterday regarding the broken links.

    I hope you do well fulfilling your dreams, and I will be following how it goes on your very intresting blog.

    Good luck and best regards

  6. Hi Flemming,
    This is a great read, well done. I guess that all of us with a similar outlook can relate. Good luck with your new venture, I'll add your website as a link from mine…..for some reason mine has just cracked no.2 for 'landscape photography' on google so I hope that it may bring you some traffic.

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