Marble Bar 1898 - Wikipedia Commons Perhaps inspired by my recent CAKE09 tale from Marble Bar, perhaps the reason is something else entirely (really who needs a reason to promote the hottest town in Australia!) – Western Australian photographers David Bettini and Merv French have declared this Wednesday Marble Bar promotion day and asked me to join in the fun! Fellow CAKE09 members and Australia photographers Casey Smith and Rod Thomas are also part of our Marble Bar is Hot day! So step inside, kick back and enjoy Marble Bar in Western Australia. I even dug up a few old slides (yes I have been to Marble Bar twice!) for this special day.

First; the whole town in a big old wide panorama shot from the town water tower:

marble bar

And another water tower image, this time overlooking the hills surrounding the mines:

Marble Bar watertower view

What it’s all about – the marble! Actually it is not Marble. They thought it was. So they named the town Marble Bar after the Marble that was actually jasper. Oh well, just another entry on the very long list of Things with Wrong Names in Australia. Here’s the jasper in Jasper Bar from an old slide:


Get up early out of your swag and you may catch a sunrise even in the caravan park!

Marble Bar sunrise

Marble Bar is surrounded by many beautiful dirt roads and outback landscapes:

Marble Bar outback

And many other tourists enjoying the heat and dirt in this old slide:

Marble Bar tourists

But venture a bit out of town on the dirt roads and this is where the real magic begins! Red dirt road to infinity on the Boreline Dirt Road:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Travelling the Boreline Dirt Road to infinity
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

And with a bit of luck your stay at Marble Bar could include you catching the red Pilbara rocks under a huge outback dramatic cloudscape!

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Pilbara Outback Magic
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Marble Bar is HOT!

Fellow photographers promoting Marble Bar today:

Merv French

David Bettini

Rod Thomas

Casey Smith


10 thoughts on “Marble Bar is HOT promotion day

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  1. davidbettini 12 years ago

    Fantastic Bo !! We laid out and researched. You have excelled. Great pics that tell a great story. The bar has been raised fellas!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 12 years ago

      Thanks David ! I don't do things by half so thought I might as well write it up and go for quantity!

  2. Stephen Williams 12 years ago

    those clouds in the last 2 shots are still just as stunning as when you first revealed them Flem!
    great work 🙂

  3. mervfrench 12 years ago

    Nice work Flemming.

    I think they should make you the overseas ambassador For little ol Marble Bar.

    Free drinks for you next time your there !!

    You went for quantity all right !!

  4. mervfrench 12 years ago

    Hey Flemming.

    Click on the real estate link in my post and see what is for sale, it is your lucky day mate !!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 12 years ago

      Thanks Merv – I reckon too I should be the ambassador. Better yet, the ambassador who also happens to own the caravan park!!!

      What a steal, can get a whole caravan park for less than a million 😀 My lucky day, my new life, owning the caravan park in Marbellous Marble Bar !

  5. mervfrench 12 years ago

    Hey Flemming I wonder if "Steve " took the real estate shots for the park add… he .. he .. he .

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 12 years ago

      Hehe he must have! And he must have had the whole town turn out with their utes and landcruisers to make the caravan park look that busy!