Bangkok Blade Runner

“I’ve…seen things you people wouldn’t believe”. Classic line, classic movie. And when you stand on the balcony of your friend’s flat on the 21nd floor and look out over Bangkok I instantly think about Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – better known as Blade Runner.  All that is missing is Vangelis brilliant soundtrack and some rain.

“If only you could see what I have seen with your eyes!”. Well you can or at least you can see what my camera saw! This is a 9 image stitch at roughly 35mm, shot on my 17-40mm L lens. Stitched perfectly on PTgui and the detail in the original is amazing. I still need to work a bit on the sky before printing, it is so hazy here that the city lights up the haze and create banding. Adding noise actually helps defeat banding when printing. Oh, and in this blog version I could not resist adding in a few flying Blade Runner “spinners” via some crude Photoshop work!

Bangkok Blade Runner Spinners - blog

Bangkok defies description. Houses more people than all of Denmark. And when you walk the street it seems they are all on the same sidewalk as you. It is awful. And awfully fascinating for a day or two as everything reminds me of Blade Runner. Much too big for me though. Much too big for it’s own good, traffic can be impossible. So loud. So noisy. Then again, I endure cities, I love them not. I love nature. Cities are an evil necessity. Mother Nature will get revenge someday I hope!

“The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long”

“All these moments. Lost. In time. Like Tears. In the rain!”

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  1. Hi Flemming,

    Great story as always. I'm no fan of cities either. My wish is to wonder own a yacht big enough to just sail around the South Pacific and just live on the islands out there. I got to spend sometime in the South Pacific when I was in the Navy and I just love it. Everyone is relaxed, considerate and respectful of others and just don't want any complications.


  2. Bloody hell Albert, you have got the life dont ya… and I am jealous in so many ways its not funny ! !

    Awesome shot mate, cant wait to catch up when u get down under next year huh… Have a safe and merry christmas and be careful…..

    The cake crew rock ! ! !

    1. dag and proud of it 🙂 It is harder than it sounds, to live in nature, in reality it is really only possible to do it for short periods of time – as we humans have forgotten all hunter gatherer skills (oh and also wiped out anything huntable anyway). So I must bottle and saviour my nature experiences so it carries me through the city life pitstops.

  3. Very creative Bo and having been to Bangkok I know exactly what you are going through there…the place will drive you nuts if you stay too long!

    Wide open spaces never looked so good when you get back to them.

    Nice image mate and very different to your norm.

    Looking fwd to more different stuff from you Bo!

  4. i always look at your photographs, then read your entry

    and i was like, hey there's flying 'things' in that photo.. lol
    i like your little *add to this photo, nice touch

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