Avid readers of my blog know that my big love is landscapes, the amount of images I post with humans in them can be counted on…one finger I reckon! Some people consider any image without humans boring and the standard “there are no humans” is a too-well known statement. I always say it is merely whatever floats your boat photography wise. Some like macro insects, some like sports, some like portraits, some like landscapes! I have however always liked studying the good travel- and ethno-photographers and Laos gave me an opportunity to practice.

We visited extremely remote hmong hilltribe villages and schools for my friend’s research and here I had the chance to capture some of these gorgeous children. I shot hundreds of shots, mostly because the children were of course very interested (also slightly scared) of the camera and the magic lcd screen showing them an image or video of themselves. The boys were noticeably much more shy and of course being boys, playing it detached and cool, while the girls took to the camera quite fast. I present a couple of images that I shot after the first wauv factor had worn off allowing me to get some portraits where they were unaware of the camera. Meeting the children at the schools were a mindblowing experience. These are kids who live in remote villages, some of them had never seen white people before, they have nothing, they go to school but have no text books, no pencils etc. But they are incredibly strong and gorgeous survivors full of spirit, happiness and life. They have to be strong here to live, to survive. Given the right opportunities these tough strong kids can do absolutely anything as they are used to fighting for survival everyday.

First is this gorgeous girl who absolutely loved the camera. She is not hmong, I forget the name of the tribe. She has an incredible face.

laos village girl - blog

I also attempted to catch the children playing with the amazing mountains of East Laos as backdrops. Some of these villages and schools enjoy views that are out of this world! This is a couple of hmong girls playing.

hmong girls playing - blog

My primary love will always be wide open landscapes but I really enjoyed capturing these images. For this sort of work, the versatile 24-105mm Canon L lens proved very handy. I have much to learn and would like to hear your opinion on this little venture into ethno-photography.


12 thoughts on “Laos village children portraits

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  1. waltzingaustralia 11 years ago

    Lovely images. You have captured a real essence of childhood and innocence — as well as beauty.

  2. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Great shots Bo,

    They sound very much like the PNG kids the way they are fascinated by the LCD screen!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Yeah Mark, especially when I shot some video and showed them the results, they went ballistic and could not believe. Pure raw emotion, was incredible.

  3. chris rolls 11 years ago


    Great images, Laos is a stunning country with the friendliest people ever… love it

  4. Tony Middleton 11 years ago

    I really like the first image Flemming – very classy natural looking portrait !
    (sorry lack of comments/reading as I have been tied up with family then took a short getaway myself)

    tone 🙂

  5. davidbettini 11 years ago

    Very nice and intimate Bo. You certainly show a lot on emotion in your images. Just stunning.


  6. thomasparkes 11 years ago

    Absolutely beaut Flemming,
    Kids are a great subject to photograph and you can never grow tired of it.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Cheers Thomas ! I did have a lot of fun with the kids and they loved the camera.

  7. Karel Pramono 10 years ago

    Fantastic photograph..so much feeling of movement and anticipation…